Panic is not an investment strategy

CNBC Jim Cramer Investors on Monday calmly trust the drug company, Newly discovered Covidomicron variant..

“When I say I trust science, it doesn’t necessarily mean buying the stock market, but it definitely doesn’t mean panicking,” said the host of “Mad Money.”

“Those who were sold in a hurry to the Great Vortex” It was sold out on Friday He added that he is likely to already regret it. S & P 500 It rose 1.3% on Monday.

Kramer acknowledges that Omicron variants can have economic implications, Investors prepare for multiple scenariosIncluding a slowdown in favor of stocks, such as Amazon..

But at this point, Kramer said there was no reason to make an investment decision out of fear and claimed it was done on Friday. Dow Jones Industrial Average I posted the worst session since October 2020.

In addition to confidence in vaccine makers, Kramer also trusts Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to monitor the economic impact of this variant and promote monetary policy accordingly. I have stated.

“The last two sessions were yet another demonstration that panic wasn’t a strategy for you. It’s not a strategy at all,” Cramer said. “Am I worried about the Omicron variant? Sure, I’m not an idiot, but we’ve seen this movie before and know how it ends.”

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Panic is not an investment strategy

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