Parade of Thousands of Trump Trucks in Fresno and Clovis – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2020-10-17 19:07:49 –

Called a track for a Trump rally didn’t mean that the supporters had to run around with a pickup.

Of the estimated 1,000 cars staged in a privately owned parking lot opposite Fresno’s Savemart Center, there were many sedans, several military vehicles, and one rusty crunker.

There were flags of America, Trump, or both in almost everywhere. At 11:00 am, the vehicle parades around Fresno and Clovis on a 15-mile route west of Show Avenue, north of Blackstone Avenue, east of Herndon Avenue, south of Clovis Avenue, and again west of the show. Did.

Trump supporters gathered a few hours ago to have a party as if a bulldog match was taking place. There are food trucks, merchandise distributors, and Congressman Devinnes’ campaign staff set up tables to hand out signs and stickers.

“We are one of the patriots here, a like-minded individual who absolutely loves the president,” said Jason Phillips, an avid and visible Trump supporter. “I am very grateful for everything he has done for the country. Today I am showing my gratitude and support to the President.”

“I love Donald Trump,” said Amy Garza of Fresno, wearing a red “Woman of Trump” tank top.

Healthcare is the biggest issue for Garza in the campaign. She wants the administration to end Obamacare.

“It robs me so much of my check … it actually made me homeless for two months,” Garza said.

The Devin Nunes campaign had a booth on a truck in Trump’s staging area (GV Wire / David Taub)

Easy ride

“I like him being the first for (Trump) Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Country, America.” — — With supporter Jordan and daughter Briella

The closest thing GVWire℠ found in the form of a protest was a woman who turned her thumb down in the car as the caravan rolled.

Several people who went out into the street in response to the car parade were greeting supporters.

The organizers encouraged cars to comply with all traffic laws. Fresno motorcycle cops were stationed at several intersections, but it was a relatively quiet day.

“It was a lot of fun, and there wasn’t much backlash,” said supporter Jordan, who returned to the parking lot near the Campus Point shopping center. “”I like him being the first for (Trump) Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Country, America. “

Vendor: Replacements for playing cards lost sales

Kevin Terry had a stable customer flow at Trump’s product booth.

“I realized there was such a need, desire, and demand for Trump’s gear, and no one was stepping up,” Terry said.

The coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on his apparel company, Ink It Stitch It. But selling Trump’s merchandise saved his business.

He prepared to sell his merchandise on a shaver lakeboat for a Trump event that didn’t happen because of the creek fire. He usually creates materials for schools and restaurants.

“Obviously, everything has been eliminated. It hasn’t happened since March,” Terrey said. “This was another big point as we saw desires and demands.”

Kevin Terry sells Trump products (GV Wire / David Taub)

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