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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Parents are fighting it with a school pick-up line. That may not come as a surprise, but the problem is especially bad at an elementary school in Albuquerque, where they blame how to set up the street. People are illegally turning left at Helen Cordero Elementary to block traffic and drive other cars across the road.

One parent was so dissatisfied with the situation that he started getting a video of it. “I’ve seen my parents argue and argue over this. I saw the kids crossing a street that was almost beaten. I almost had a head-on collision with this,” he said. increase. “I really feel that’s what we have to do as a safety protocol. Make sure our kids have a safe place to go to school.”

There is one right turn to enter school, picking up children from the line, but people cut in front of the line and make an illegal left turn. There are signs, but parents ignore their dissatisfaction with the long lines and the difficulty of getting on and off.

Parents say he is called a city, Albakirk Public School Many times. He recently went to the city’s neighborhood traffic management program and was told by email that he had not had the opportunity to schedule a field visit in response to these concerns.

However, APS parents say this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. “This is a very popular crossing area and there are no guards, so we will place a crossing guard here. Also, place a cone in the middle of the street to prevent you from turning left. Don’t turn to the left. A slightly larger sign language, “said one parent.

A spokesman for the City Development Bureau said this was a traffic control issue. APS officials say traffic is increasing as more parents drop off their children due to a shortage of COVID-19 or bus drivers.

In addition, a spokesperson said that due to staff shortages, APS employees are focused on learning in the classroom rather than on traffic patterns. Instead, school district officials require people to pick up and drop off students to pay more attention to signs and comply with all traffic laws.

The City Development Department says this is on their radar, so they recommend that parents involved call 311 and their city council members to request improvements. The more requests you have, the greater the pressure to get something done.

Parents at Albuquerque elementary school concerned about pickup area Source link Parents at Albuquerque elementary school concerned about pickup area

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