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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Parents studying at school or at home want what’s best for their child.

Laura Robinson wants his son, seven-year-old Joshua, to return to the classroom soon. He is a non-verbal and non-mobile special needs student at Carnegie Elementary School in Tulsa.

Robinson said he rejected the TPS Emergency Learning Program because his tutoring program was not realized in distance learning. And being away from the classroom is affecting him.

“He’s not as vibrant and alert,” Robinson said. He is more lethargic. He hasn’t eaten either. He is not very active. “

Meanwhile, Christina Burn chooses to keep her three children at home. One of them is immunodeficiency. Distance education is not ideal, but she said they are making it work. She said they are learning new skills like time management.

“Like how they jump out of curiosity, I’m seeing huge growth. They knew more about finding information because they had to be such spontaneous. “

Robinson hopes Joshua will be able to return to the classroom on January 25th. If not, they may move to a new school district.

Robinson said, “Go ahead and let the uncomfortable people keep their children at home. But I’m sorry, but dare I say, I pay taxes on this education. And you’re me Tells me that my child can’t really come to school, which is the only place to really learn. “

Byrne said public health was her priority and she wanted to do everything she could to delay the spread of COVID-19. But after all, everyone is doing their best.

“As you know, this is best for my family, for friends and people who have made various choices, such as having to do their best for their family,” said Mr. Burn.

Currently, 3rd grade students from TPS Pre-K and students in need of special needs will return to face-to-face learning on January 25th. Grades 4-12 students will return to the classroom on February 1st. An option to keep them in distance learning.

There will be a TPS Special Board meeting on Friday, January 15th, where students will discuss and change in some cases when they return to school.

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