Parents protest school mask requirement at Island Union board meeting – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-07-30 00:24:47 –

Kings County, CA (KFSN)-Parents of elementary school students on the island organized a protest at the school board on Thursday morning, arguing that they should have the option of sending their child to school without a mask.

A mother named Amanda also told board members that children should not be punished even if they are not wearing them.

“I don’t want to be told I’m going to have my child wear a mask anymore,” she said. “I have a child in kindergarten and most of his speech will not be understood by people without his face.”

“The board doesn’t have to remove the mask requirement, just don’t force it,” said parent Tommy Rhoads. “You can leave it as it is, but do not take any action against students or family members who do not obey.”

However, district leaders say they are at risk of serious consequences, including loss of state and federal funding, if they do not comply. State’s latest guidance Students must wear masks indoors.

“Masks are one of the most effective and simplest mitigation layers to prevent in-school transmission of COVID-19 infection and support full-time face-to-face instruction in schools from kindergarten to high school,” said California. The State Public Health Service said in the guidance. ..

Recently, the number of cases of coronavirus has skyrocketed in Kings County, and health officials say the infection is the highest in the 12-15 and 20-49 years old groups.

“It’s about free choice,” said Barbara Martin, grandmother of students at Island Elementary School. “So I don’t deny people who can wear a mask comfortably. I recommend it. If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. But respect those who don’t want to wear a mask. , It is (not necessary. “

“This is a situation we have to live in, and it’s heartbreaking for our children to get over it,” Charlotte Hines, director of the Island Union Elementary School District, told Action News.

Hines says he appreciates his parents’ concerns and believes they understand the district’s predicament.

She points out that no masks are needed outside and there will be no rules regarding physical distance in the classroom.

“The state guideline was that parents would choose an independent study if they chose not to mask their children,” Hines said. “We don’t really want it. We want kids here.”

California health officials continue to evaluate the guidance and state that they will change mask recommendations or requirements by November 1 if necessary.

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Parents protest school mask requirement at Island Union board meeting Source link Parents protest school mask requirement at Island Union board meeting

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