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Parents, school leaders oppose Dotty’s northwest gaming establishment location approved by city – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-05-14 01:18:05 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — School leaders in the Northwest Valley have expressed concern that Dotti’s gambling facilities are being built too close to the area.

On Tuesday, the Las Vegas City Planning Commission voted 4 to 3 to defeat the mission of keeping gaming facilities at least 1500 feet away from school.

Dotty’s will enter along Rainbow Boulevard near Unload and US95, just over 400 feet away from some elementary schools.

8 News Now people say they’re already against the problem, but they’re even more upset after the robbery and murder that took place this week at Dotti’s location near Jones Boulevard and Flamingo Road. increase.

Stephanie Rhein owns the Dawn Education Preschool across from the proposed location. She said the situation was more than frustrating for her parents and students.

“We don’t want it here, the community doesn’t want it here, business owners don’t want it here, patrons of these businesses don’t want it there So why are they allowed to break the law? “Lin said.

Some parents also shared their concerns and asked city leaders to reconsider.

“The school system is no longer secure,” said local parent Maggie Bray. “Why do you make criminal changes or make decisions in your school?”

“They need to be aware that they need to set a precedent,” local parent Maries Harper told city leaders. “There was a reason for that code, and they were elected to support it.”

Parents and school leaders say they have collected nearly 600 signatures against the plan and are urging the city to reconsider.

Please refer to the following documents for the minutes of action and voting of the Planning Committee.

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