Parents, teachers outraged over possible closure of Aurora schools – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2022-05-14 17:47:11 –

Aurora, Colorado — On Saturday, nearly 100 people gathered at a rally in Aurora to show support for two schools on the verge of closure.

Parents and teachers at Sable Elementary School said they felt they couldn’t hear their voice and were fighting to keep the school open.

Many told Denver7 that the school board doesn’t think it’s transparent as to why they choose which school to close.

“It doesn’t seem to make sense. I’m trying to find someone who makes sense to me,” said Adam Woods, parent of Sable Elementary School. His two children have been attending Sable since preschool.

He and several other parents, teachers and students gathered at a rally at Cottonwood Park to express their frustration.

In March, the Aurora Public School Board of Education was considering closing Sabre Elementary School and Paris Elementary School due to a decrease in enrollment. The vote didn’t pass, but now I’m back for consideration. This leaves a question for people in the community.

“We are all really confused and discouraged not only about the criteria for closing schools, but also about how the process works. Their board policy is very confusing. So how can they vote against the recommendation and bring the same recommendation back into the vote, “said Leslie Burton, a teacher at Sable Elementary School.

“I understand that my biggest message to the school board is that you need to make difficult decisions, but you don’t have to make difficult decisions to make difficult decisions. We do ourselves. You really need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, and whether it’s really the best case and the best course of action, “Woods said.

The community states that the closure of these schools will have a long-term impact on Aurora for generations to come.

“It’s a pain because our community depends on our school not only for educational services but also for other services. We offer English classes and adult English classes for me. We provide food to our families and have a vaccine clinic, “Burton said.

Debbie Gerkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of APS, said in a statement: Impact on the community. “

But this makes parents like Woods wonder if they want to stay in the district.

“You have to try to understand if I keep sending my kids to APS or if I’m trying to register them elsewhere. I’m not sure,” Woods said.

The district has gone through a “blueprint” process over the past few years to deal with underregistration. Specifically, in the northwestern part of the district, including Sable, the number of registrants has decreased by 25-45%.

The director recommended closing the Sable Elementary last year, but the board decided not to close the school during the March 22 meeting and planned to discuss this topic further with the community.

APS said it is considering several factors, such as how much impact the building renewal will have, whether it can be reused, and whether it would be beneficial to add a magnet school to the area.

The board will discuss the possibility of closing schools in Paris and Sable during the meeting on Tuesday. Nothing has been said about whether a decision will be made that day, but if this moves forward, Sable teachers say it could end as early as May next year. ..

Parents, teachers outraged over possible closure of Aurora schools Source link Parents, teachers outraged over possible closure of Aurora schools

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