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But Mr. Trump said that the considerable financial challenges facing his resorts and hotels, the difficulties exacerbated by the pandemic that devastated the hospitality industry, and the unlikelyness of being helped by his fallen personal brand. You will have a hard time avoiding it. In addition to his financial stress, he has personally guaranteed over $ 300 million in debt to be paid over the next few years.

His favorite sport has also receded, and the PGA Tournament has moved from Mr. Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club to protect its “brand and reputation,” as CEO Seswau of the PGA of America said. .. According to someone near the White House, Mr. Trump was “angry” with the decision as he had worked personally for years to encourage tournament executives to hold events on his course.

Even if Mr. Trump wants to adopt what is unobtrusive (a media-loving president makes an unimaginable decision), it will be difficult for him to avoid politics.

In the coming weeks, Mr. Trump faces the possibility of an impeachment trial in the Senate and a Democratic-led investigation into his commerce, presidential decisions, and the internal workings of his government. The party’s voice wing is driving a raft of prosecution and legal challenges against Mr. Trump, his family and his allies.

He has won more voters than any other Republican presidential candidate in history and maintains the support of the majority of GOP voters, but his party’s small but growing segment is that the president has him. I believe it is too toxic even for those who elected.

“I don’t think a party centered around President Trump is feasible,” said David Asp, a former member of the Republican National Committee in Minnesota. “”The party should leave Trump as soon as possible, resign as a conspiracy theorist, and advance the party’s vision focused on national interests. “

Perhaps the closest historic analogy to Mr. Trump’s presidency is that of President Richard Nixon, who embarrassed Washington to avoid being impeached for his role in Watergate. That’s it. (According to CNN, Mr. Trump, on his side, didn’t care about the comparison and exploded to an aide who raised the name of the former president.)

Paria Post Presidenty-New York Times

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