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Parish Council agrees to spend $7 million in ARPA funds on six projects without City Council input | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-19 21:45:00 –

The Lafayette Parish Council will spend $ 77.25 million out of $ 47 million on six projects. Of these, three are for drainage and two are for fire protection.

The Parish Council made that decision on Tuesday without the participation of the city council.

The Parish Council voted when the city’s ARPA fund of $ 22 million was allocated by Mayor Josh Guillory. The city council did not get a vote on Tuesday about how the Parish council is spending ARPA funds.

Lafayette’s plans to use federal aid may be less for the road and more for the homeless

For months, members of the City and Parish Council have asked Guillory to present separate ordinances to each council for things like budgets when money comes only from the city or the parish. Old City in January 2020-One of the main reasons the Parish Council was split into separate cities and the Parish Council is that councils members representing the residents of the city of Lafayette have more control over how they spend their money. Because it came to be.

In July, Guillory to spend $ 85 million on federal ARPA funding to help the government recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, even if the city and parish governments were separately funded by the federal government. The proposed budget was presented as a single budget and ordinance.

In July, the council resolved to remove all funds from Guillory’s ARPA budget. This allows council members to consider the best way to spend a temporary storm, including the possibility of dealing with the health and economic disparities amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guillory signed a veto in August to revive $ 22 million in urban ARPA funding on six projects. Five of them are downtown Lafayette, which includes drains, sidewalks, and a new police station, with $ 5.2 million in city-wide drainage. He did not revive the parish ARPA project.

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Guillory invalidates council and revives $ 22 million COVID bailout fund for drainage, downtown projects

Both councils voted when it was time to vote to revoke the line item veto in September. The veto override failed in both councils. Four votes were required for each to revoke the veto. The city council collected three votes. The entire Parish Council voted for Guillory.

Finally in October, Guillory did what Congress had asked for. He presented changes in ARPA spending in separate ordinances. However, because it was only about the parish project, only the parish council had a say on how the parish funds would be used.

The parish ARPA Fund project approved on Tuesday includes:

  • $ 2.8 million for seven volunteer fire department tank trucks.
  • $ 2 million for stormwater storage in Coolie Mine, Ile de Cannes, Bayeuver Million, Bayeuca Rencro / Parish.
  • $ 1.75 million to improve milk leak drainage.
  • Facehouse is $ 500,000.
  • $ 375,000 to expand the Vermilion River hydraulic model.
  • $ 300,000 to the fire hydrant fire department in an unincorporated area of ​​the parish.

The $ 500,000 allocation to Lafayette’s Center for Domestic Violence Crisis, Face House, was not included in Guillory’s original ARPA program.

The city of Lafayette in the Parish Council has resolved to return $ 22 million in urban ARPA funding to urban projects.

Facehouse Managing Director Billi Lacombe said parliamentary economic stressors and social isolation from the pandemic exacerbated the crisis of domestic abuse in Acadiana. Last year, she said calls to the organization increased by 38%.

Parish Council agrees to spend $7 million in ARPA funds on six projects without City Council input | News Source link Parish Council agrees to spend $7 million in ARPA funds on six projects without City Council input | News

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