Park Board seeks land swap with U in quest to complete 150-year Grand Round mission

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The Minneapolis series of parks and trails (about 150 years of history) will take a major step towards completion with the proposed land exchange.

Minneapolis Parkboard and the University of Minnesota own patchwork of properties in northeastern Minneapolis that are intertwined with each other’s long-term challenges. The university needs access to the green space to continue the renovation of the Fraser, Bruninx, and Appleby halls. Parkboard has been hoping to fill the “missing link” of the Grand Round Scenic Byway, Park and Parkway since the late 1800s.

Most of the Minneapolis Grand Rounds 4 mile stretch Located on the northeast corner of the city. As cities develop, land acquisition becomes increasingly difficult.

The last speech by the park committee was No link It was in 2019 that we obtained an easement from the City of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Department of Transport to use the land along Industrial Boulevard between Ridgway Parkway and Broadway Street, Park Senior Planner Carrie said. Christensen says.

“I call it a crazy quilt. There’s a small patch here, there’s a small patch there. Together,” said Parkboard President Megforney. “I’m very excited. The goose bumps fill up ….. …. Then, in the rest of eternity, even the slightest fragment, it advances towards the goal we want, it’s a park. Make it accessible to everyone. “

Acres for acre replacement

There are four parcels that are being negotiated for trade.

The parkland given to the university is 0.7 acres east of East River Parkway and 0.28 acres north of East River Parkway.

The college land that Parkboard receives in exchange is 0.7 acres west of 27th Avenue SE. 0.28 acres on either side of the transit between 29th Avenue SE. And 30th Avenue SE.

Parkboards and universities need to survey the land and complete an environmental review of each plot. Both the park committee and the board will have to approve the exchange. In addition, the Park Commission Charter requires the approval of the district court to dispose of the land.

The exchange is expected to take place later this year or early next year, said Michael Schroeder, a park assistant superintendent for the plan.

“If you look at the land that Parkboard has abandoned, it’s land that the university has already interfered with, either by permit or any other process, and can’t be used for the purposes of the park,” Schroeder said. increase. “And the land we’re regaining is actually next to an existing park, or where we planned the park. So, from that perspective, it’s a really good deal for both parties.”

Andrew Caddock, a senior planner at the university’s planning, space and real estate office, called the exchange a “win-win.”

Minneapolis: Progressive Progress

In the late 1800s, landscape architect Horace WS Cleveland envisioned having a continuous route connecting the natural gems of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Minneapolis Grand Round surrounds lakes, forests, parks and trails and connects the 50-mile parkway from downtown Riverfront to Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha Creek and Theodore Worth Park. Bicycles and pedestrians can make Grand Rounds almost anywhere in the city, except for the missing link between the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and the St. Anthony Parkway.

With college land, the parkboard is close to an acre to fill the missing link, but it still takes time to complete the Grand Round. Park staff are working towards a gradual profit.

At the northern end of the rink, planners are working with the city to extend the trail down Industrial Boulevard and discuss with private developers in the Towerside area to secure a little more land at the southern end, Schroeder said. .. The main obstacle in the middle of the link is the active Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, on which the Parkway Bridge needs to be built. When the parkboard finally reaches its hump, it’s a big expense.

“this is [100-plus] “We’ve been waiting for this to complete for years,” Schroeder said. “It won’t happen in the next few years.”

In 2019 and 2021, the Park Commission demanded $ 12.3 million in state joins and listed the missing link among its top four legislative priorities.

St. Paul: Barrel for completion

Meanwhile, St. Paul Parks and Recreation looks forward to celebrating the completion of 27 miles. Grand round This year, we will connect park users to Lake Como and Lake Phalen, the Mississippi River, and everything in between.

The southern half of St. Paul’s Grand Round was first installed, but the northern segments of Pelham Boulevard, Raymond Avenue, Como Avenue, Wheelock Parkway, and Johnson Parkway took time to complete.

Around 2016 Last push Completed the route, as it was a top priority in the St. Paul Bicycle Program for transportation and commuting, as well as recreation, said Ruben Collins, City’s Public Works Transportation Planning Manager.

“Before that, public works generally had a fairly practical approach to the Grand Round, which they considered primarily a park initiative,” he said. “But what the St. Paul Bicycle Program has done is said to be” these trails are the backbone of our bicycle transport network. ” It gave us an additional initiative to look for external funding from transportation to build a bicycle plan. “

Each year, St. Paul began filling the northern section of the Ground Round segment segment by segment. In 2020, the city built an important segment of the Grand Round along Commore Avenue and Johnson Parkway with funding from the Federal Highway Authority. At the northwest corner of the route, between Edgerton and Arcade streets, there is only one gap to be completed this summer.

Unlike Minneapolis, where you have to negotiate land with the swamps of competing private and public property owners, St. Paul owns the entire right of way needed to finish the Grand Round, Collins said. rice field.

David Ronzani, landscape designer for St. Paul’s Park, said: “I don’t think it can be claimed by anyone else.”

Park Board seeks land swap with U in quest to complete 150-year Grand Round mission Source link Park Board seeks land swap with U in quest to complete 150-year Grand Round mission

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