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Parkland, Florida student arrested in school shooting threat | Us World News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-12-03 15:00:53 –

Parkland, Florida (AP) —A teenager in southern Florida investigates threatening Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of a mass shooting that killed 17 people on Valentine’s Day 2018. He was arrested after the members knew.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office, the caller reported seeing the threat late Wednesday night. A 17-year-old third-year high school student sent a text message to his classmates in a social media chat room after 9 pm Wednesday, officials said. The threat broke out the day after a student allegedly killed four classmates in Michigan.

“I feel like I’m filming tmrw at school (tomorrow). When I sneeze, I get a signal and go to the bathroom OK. According to the affidavit of possible causes, the text message said. ..

Investigators were arrested early Thursday for finding the student at home and writing a threat to commit a mass shooting, according to sheriffs.

School principal Michelle Kefford notified her parents about the threat through Robocall Thursday morning. Stoneman Douglas has been at the center of national debate and activity over gun violence at school since a former student killed 17 people and injured another in 2018.

The teenage mother told WSVN that he didn’t mean it, it was a joke for him. She said they lived in another country where the school was safe at the time of the massacre in Parkland. “He’s a normal kid in a normal family and a safe environment. He doesn’t realize the world isn’t that safe,” she said.

“In my country, schools are very safe. Our way of thinking is very peaceful. He just wanted to appear among his friends. It’s not an excuse for his actions. It’s an explanation of his actions. No more. Every threat must be. Investigated. I understand it. “

Tony Montalto, president of Stand With Parkland, a group representing families whose relatives died in the 2018 shooting, said the threat “further proves the need for timely investigations and notifications to parents about threats to schools. I have. “

“Following this week’s shootings in Michigan and this incident, I urge leaders elected at all levels of government to promise a new focus on student and staff safety. “Montart said.

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