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Parks pay the price after Virginia Beach falls into groundskeeping staff shortage – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-09-15 17:51:18 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — If you live in Virginia Beach, you may have noticed that nearby parks are overgrown with grass and weeds.

The weeds at Sawyer Lakes Estates Park were kneeling — and it upset the inhabitants.

On Wednesday, 10 On Your Side asked the city why parks like Sawyer Lakes Estates were preventing them from mowing before they got worse.

What is their answer? No one to send, or at least not enough.

Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Julie Braley said the sector was down 31% The position of the ground keeper.

“It’s definitely due to COVID,” Braley said. “But that’s also what people are experiencing across the country and industry. There is such a shortage of staff and the ability of people to work.”

This makes the ability to maintain a park in your neighborhood very difficult. The city tried to get outside help, but encountered the same reality.

“We are definitely behind the reaping schedule, which is the result of a shortage of staff,” Braley said. “We also work with many such contractors in the landscaping business, but they are also experiencing the same shortages as we are, so between us and the contractors, lawn mowing I can’t keep up with the schedule. “

City full-time employees Various benefits Regarding retirement, retirement, economy and health.

If you want to know more about the location of the city groundsman, click here.

Some people are frustrated, but Don Mahanol, a resident of the Sawyer Lakes Estate, is not surprised.

“I can believe it,” Mahanol said. “Buy a car today. Try to buy a boat, buy a mechanical one, find a food service. All these industries have been hit hard and the city staff I’m sure I’m having a lot of trouble maintaining that level. “

Braley understands that some residents find it inconvenient, but asks everyone to be patient with the employees who are emerging.

“In certain areas, we can definitely see some overgrown grass, which is a shame,” she said. “We do our best. Our staff are working very hard. They are really trying to catch up. Everyone is thin, they go to work to serve and make the city look beautiful. I am deeply grateful to everyone who is trying, but I need more people. Be patient, kind, polite, and understand that we are doing our best. “

There is more than just a groundsman’s job that the city needs to be filled. Braley said childcare workers, aquariums and other departments are also understaffed.If you want Click here to sign up to work in Virginia Beach.

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Parks pay the price after Virginia Beach falls into groundskeeping staff shortage Source link Parks pay the price after Virginia Beach falls into groundskeeping staff shortage

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