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Washington — At least nine states have virtually banned abortions since the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling last week. Others are expected to comply as soon as the legal objection passes the court.

One of the issues that is currently emerging is that Congress or President Biden will take steps to provide access to controversial procedures in the states where the new restrictions are in force.

Can Congress do anything?

One question is what can Congress do to increase access to abortion in the United States? The answer is yes — if they get the votes they need.

Many progressives these days have called on Congress to codify the right to abortion into federal law.

The Supreme Court did not restrict Congress from passing through it and could do it legally.

But when the Senate tried to pass a women’s health law earlier this year, it failed to do just that.

The vote was 46-48.

Unless the Senate changes the rules on how to pass the bill, 60 votes will be required.

Other ideas

But progressive Democrats have other ideas. One idea is to use more than 600 million acres of federal land owned by the federal government.

Progressive New York lawmaker Alexandria Ocasiocortes has called on President Biden to build abortion clinics or provide abortion services at those sites.

The federal government owns a lot of land in places like Utah and Arizona where new restrictions are expected, and the White House has been hesitant to try that approach. Other ideas include increasing the legitimate access to abortion drugs that the federal government may mail to someone.

Needless to say, the Department of Health and Human Services has already stated that it is considering using taxpayer funds to pay for women traveling to states where abortion is legal.

Hide correction

However, all of these ideas have a problem called hide fix. The 1976 policy, named after the late Senator Henry Hyde of Illinois, bans federal taxpayers from funding abortion services in dollars in most cases.

Everything Congress can do about abortion funding must first go through the Hyde Amendment, which is not easy. But if enough lawmakers support it, it could be abolished.

In fact, with the current parliamentary structure, it will be difficult to pass a new abortion law at the federal level. It looks like Democrats are trying to challenge.

Nancy Pelosi Speaker I talked to a colleague this week She wants to guarantee the right to travel out of state for abortion and pass a bill to protect sensitive data in assisted reproductive technology apps.

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