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Parson Doubles Down On Push To Prosecute Reporter Who Found Security Flaw in State Site – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-10-21 13:03:00 –

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  • New attack advertising scene from PAC established by Person After shipping.

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NS Missouri Independence..

Governor Mike Parson escalated his war St. Louis Post Dispatch On Wednesday, his political activities released a video doubling his attack on reporters who informed the state that the state’s website revealed the teacher’s Social Security number.

The video is produced by uniting Missouri, A political action committee created by supporters of persons to support the 2020 election campaign. PAC continues to raise and spend large amounts of money To promote the person’s political agenda. We operate the activity without direct input from the person.

“The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is purely political,” the ad said. “Abuse of personal information is a sneaky excuse for journalism.”

Ads appear less than a week after the demand widely criticized by the person Reporter investigation and prosecution Anyone who discovers a security flaw on a state website and “everyone involved.” Mr. Parson read a statement calling reporters “hackers” to reporters gathered outside the Missouri State Capitol last Thursday and left without asking questions.

John Hancock, Chairman of Uniting Missouri, declined to discuss the details of this video.

NS After shipping Did not answer phone calls and emails on Wednesday asking for a response to the video.

In the case that infuriated the person After shipping Reporters found that teachers, managers, and counselors’ social security numbers appear in the HTML code of publicly accessible sites operated by the state’s education department. HTML code is programming that tells your computer how to display a web page.

The newspaper announced the status of the problem and promised not to publish the article until the problem was fixed.

“We endorse our reporters and our reporters who did everything right.” After shipping Publisher Ian Kaso said In his newspaper article.. “It’s a shame that the governor discovered a problem with the website and chose to divert it to the journalists who got the attention of DESE.”

Mr Parson said the Missouri Highway Patrol had investigated and notified Cole County prosecutor Rock Thompson.

On Wednesday, Thompson said he had not received an investigation report from the patrol and did not expect anything until the investigation was completed.

“I don’t have any kind of schedule about how long the investigation will take,” he wrote to the independent by email.

The patrol did not respond to emails asking for information about the status of the investigation.

$ 50 million price tag

Video that keeps attacking After shipping Posted online as Democrats of the House Budget Committee continued to question the person’s quote If it costs $ 50 million “We will respond to this one case and divert workers and resources from other state agencies.”

Public school and education staff retirement plans offer a variety of potential September 11 services by providing credit monitoring, personal information theft protection, and call center services to all 350,000 members through a contract with Experian. Supports data disclosure. executive director.

The cost of the response was just under $ 600,000.

State Parliamentarian Peter Merides, D-Cent. According to Louis, a $ 50 million person quoted from a recent security breach told lawmakers only about credit protection and a call center for about 100,000 educators.

Also, there is likely to be considerable overlap between educated people enrolled in the education sector and members of the retirement system, so Merides said the final cost would be a person’s $ 50 million figure. I think it’s far from it.

The retirement plan does not include employees of public schools in St. Louis or Kansas City, but only those who are employed in private or parochial schools if they have previously engaged in public education.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was less than $ 100,000 for credit monitoring,” Merides said.

He said the biggest cost is to study the state’s computer systems and upgrade them to provide better service and security.

“It’s not about what the reporter did, it’s about the vulnerabilities and outdated systems we have,” Merides said.

Governor’s spokeswoman Kelly Jones has not responded to requests for information about the cost estimates used by the person.

The Missouri National Education Association said it was trying to understand exactly what had happened. After shipping Spokesman Mark Jones said he discovered that the retirement system could lose data.

“It’s important to take data security as seriously as physical security,” Jones said.

The union has not participated in the person’s call for prosecution of journalists.

“I have nothing to suggest,” Jones said, “the reporter did nothing but act ethically within good journalism.”

Parson Doubles Down On Push To Prosecute Reporter Who Found Security Flaw in State Site Source link Parson Doubles Down On Push To Prosecute Reporter Who Found Security Flaw in State Site

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