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Parson signs $48B Missouri budget, cuts tax refund program – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2022-06-30 19:19:24 –

Jefferson City, Missouri — Missouri Governor Mike Parson approved most of the $ 48 billion state budget on Thursday, with $ 500 million in parliament set aside for a tax refund.

The budget Here’s an overview of spending on state programs and services for the next fiscal year starting on Friday.

In particular, the person has cut funds for New tax refund program It is led by the leader of the House Budget Committee.he Earlier expressed concern about refundsThis was only planned to go to individuals with an annual income of less than $ 150,000 and couples with an income of less than $ 300,000.

Mr Parson said he wants all Missouri citizens to cut taxes.

Person has saved about $ 644 million in total, with spending proposed by lawmakers, primarily federal stimulus funds.

“This past session was often hampered by trivial internal conflicts and personal political interests, but common sense became widespread,” Parson said in a statement. Dig into the feud. “We take this opportunity to commend the members of the General Assembly who prioritize the continued success of our state.”

Other spending approved by the person includes money to pay the state’s full burden of public K-12 bus costs, which have been underfunded since 1991.

Under the new program included in next year’s budget, teacher salaries will increase to at least $ 38,000 a year if the local school district agrees to spend 30% of the cost.

The Governor of the Republican Party also told parents and other caregivers to pay tutors and other resources to help students from kindergarten to high school catch up after being delayed during a coronavirus pandemic. Signed a plan to give grants or refunds up to $ 1,500. Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Representative Cody Smith.

Public four-year colleges add another $ 460 million to construction projects on state-wide colleges and college campuses, raising 5.5% funding, or about $ 51 million compared to the most recent fiscal year. I plan to get it.

Republican lawmakers have included funds this year to pay for the expansion of Medicaid under the terms of the 2010 Federal Medical Law signed by former President Barack Obama, approved by Missouri taxpayers.

The person has approved the funding, along with more money to pay for home care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

He praised his investment in infrastructure, one of his top priorities as governor. The budget includes nearly $ 366 million for broadband expansion and $ 608 million for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.

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Parson signs $48B Missouri budget, cuts tax refund program Source link Parson signs $48B Missouri budget, cuts tax refund program

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