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A popular American television dad took a rest after his shocking and unexpected death. Bob Saget’s funeral celebrated his legacy with all those who considered him a family.

It’s still unrealistic to think that the world no longer has Bob Saget Initialize. An iconic television superstar that delighted generations of viewers because Dad knows everything on Sunday, January 11th. Full house And host America’s Weirdest Home Video, was Found dead In his hotel room in Orlando, Florida. On Friday, January 14, shortly after his death, the people closest to him gathered for his funeral.

The service is small, attended only by close family and friends, and the burial will take place at the Sinai Mountain Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles. TMZ.. Bob’s family kept the Jewish tradition and continued to serve and bury shortly after his death. The outlet is also by the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin. Full house, Held a reception at home for all attendees.

The official guest list has not been published, Full house The cast was discovered the day before the funeral and reunited at Bob’s family home before worship. On Friday, John Stamos Tweeted how difficult the day was for all of them. “Today will be the most difficult day of my life,” he writes.

It is no exaggeration to say that Bob was loved not only by his fans around the world, but also by those who had the joy and privilege of working with him for many years. Before the funeral Many celebrities When comedian They came to share their devastation for the unexpected young loss of Bob.his Full house family He was one of the first to mourn his death. Olsen sistersLater, he tried to stay away from the franchise that made them famous. In her compliment, Jodie Sweetin She even joked that she would pay homage to her television dad in a very special way. “”I miss Bob, “she wrote. “I confirm at your funeral and make an inappropriate joke. In honor. I know you wanted it.”

But it was his immediate family — wife, Kelly Reso And their 3 daughters — The compliment was really drawn to my heart. “Whole my heart. Bob was my absolute everything,” Kelly shared in her. statement To Hollywood life To the death of her husband. “I’m completely shattered and unbelievable. I’m very impressed with the overflow of love and compliments from friends, family, his fans, and his peers.”

Kelly, her girl, and everyone who loved Bob keeps our thoughts while they continue to mourn.

Participants, photos, etc. – Hollywood Life

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