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Partner discuss their new riff-heavy album Never Give Up – Kansas City, Missouri

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For those who came to Canada’s band partners after the viral success of 2017’Everybody Knows’ In search of lost time, The first hard rock referral to start their latest one, Do not give upIt may be a little shocking. The 90’s indie rock sound has moved to a homage to classic rock, but the band’s new album still contains clever lyrical content known to their partners and ridiculous catchy hooks. The opening cut “Hello and Welcome” is an update to Cheap Trick’s “Hello There” that you didn’t know you needed. There is a song “Rock Is My Rock” about rock and roll being a lifesaver. And even “Big Gay Hands” is an AC / DC style blues that reverses the gender and sexuality of all the sneaky lyrics ever recorded.

Needless to say, I’ve been playing almost every day since it first arrived in my inbox, so I was absolutely happy to jump into Zoom with my partner singer and guitarist Josée Caron and bassist and singer Lucy Niles at the end of October.Speak everything Do not give up..

Pitch: I know I had a hard time putting the album together, but it doesn’t sound like that. I think it’s the best way to make an album. What were some of those issues when recording it?

Josée Caron: We really knew what we wanted to say. All we had to do was bring all the elements together to form a cohesive whole. And I learned a lot about how to do it. It was definitely worth it.

What were some of the things you learned? The songs on this album are all very cohesive as they come from enthusiastic places.

Josée Caron: Yeah, completely. I think we learned to take a more disciplined approach and how to get excited about all the material. I wanted to get everything that was exciting. It was a matter of thinking about how to do it, but then when we like it, it’s like a positive feedback loop. You find something you love, and if you love it, you can keep going, entertained and promoted. We decided to lead the mind. And yeah, that’s how it sounds.

The album includes songs that are simply about the fun of rocking, such as “Rock Is My Rock,” “Hello and Welcome,” and “Honey.” Seeing alive in the past and playing rock music seems like a joy to both you and you, so did you come from writing about what you’re having fun with?

Josée Caron: Yes, that’s true. And I think that’s exactly what happened. If it brings us joy, the song is also written about rock lovers, as it continued to rise a kind. It brings us so much joy-and the people it brings to our world are so special. I wanted to write about it.

Lucy Niles: Yeah, because we always meet these people and they didn’t know they were there. But when we started writing songs, we started meeting these people and then urged us to write more songs and stuff. Because I was really inspired by how much all these people we met love rock and things.

Who is the man you wrote in “Rock Is My Rock” that “I met Cleveland and his brother”?

Josée Caron: I can’t remember his name exactly, but he was a really enthusiastic and nice guy, saying he had the fifth best rock song. He has met us three times in the last three years and his brother has been with him and came to our show in Cleveland.

Lucy Niles: They are just big fans.

Josée Caron: I was impressed.

“”“Hello and Welcome” joins this cadre of very small songs in that we have a song that we don’t have to worry about starting the set at this point. It’s like Cheap Trick’s “Hello There”.

Josée Caron: What’s interesting is that we actually did it a few times ago. There, I wrote a song that I had to start from the beginning. It’s always been exciting and it was really fun to set the tones and tones I’ve sent so far.

It’s a little sad and interesting to hear the song “I’m glad I was in the show”. When I first heard it, I thought, “Oh, I want to go to the show.”

Josée Caron: completely. I like to write it before COVID-19, but when I think about it, it was like “shit” when COVID-19 happened. I don’t have to leave the house, so I think it’s very friendly.

Lucy Niles: I recorded it last summer and it happened. Now that’s the truth.

The “Honey” video was released last week.Who thought Wayne’s worldStyle music video?

Josée Caron: There are directors we work with often. Her name was Leslie Marshall and that was her idea. She said she had dreamed of making this video for years before we started making the video. I think this song was a great opportunity for her to bring it all out. By the way, I think the result is very interesting.

You are 100% correct. It includes a bee costume that isn’t a blind melon nod, but I’m really grateful. The song is obviously about a very specific guitar. What is the 6th string you are talking about in “Honey”?

Josée Caron: This song basically tells the origin of the guitar. My dad, the first rock fan of my life and a big influence on me, bought me it without asking or consulting me. He mailed it and sent it to my house by bus. I thought, “My dad bought me a guitar.” When I opened it, there was a note from him, “This guitar, it plays like honey falls, so I had to get it for you.” I I never forgot it. Then I named the guitar “Honey” based on the gold color. It’s the 2016 Les Paul Gold Top. It’s basically the whole story I’ve been playing it since it appeared in my life.

All kinds of riffs are loaded on the album. What accepted this? It’s like a heartfelt embrace of the 70’s-there are certainly some AC / DC-but what did it come from?

Josée Caron: When we were kids, our dad had a big influence on what we heard and the type of guitar we played. Personally, I know all of that, especially AC / DC, is the original jam or something. My dad was always within 6 feet of me and said, “Malcolm Young is the best rhythm guitar player ever.” I think that’s the music we’ve learned to play and we love to play. And riffs – we always go back to riffs because we feel they are so lively and powerful. This was actually exactly the same as the original style, than some others.

How does it resemble the original style?What else are you talking about-are you talking about what was happening? In search of lost time??

Josée Caron: name, Do not give upComes from pushing through the whole process of making the music we released, and then reaching that point where we had to push further to find ourselves again.It’s the sound Do not give up You don’t know because it makes your first album. If you haven’t completed the process, you have a huge learning curve and start for everything you need. After experiencing it and having to push ourselves further, that’s where we’re done. That is where we landed.

It makes a lot of sense because this album seems to be thinking about who you are all. “Good Place To Hide (At The Time)” was the first song I heard on the album in March, and although it looks very meditative and definitely looking back, it’s not a nostalgic eye.

Lucy Niles: Yeah. You certainly get it. Often, when people are talking about looking back, it’s through a very rosy lens or something. [Never Give Up] I was just looking back and watching the present,

I love the fact that “Big Gay Hands” is included in this. In retrospect, you might be able to read Judas Priest’s songs contextually, but not many gay rockers talk about the song hitting a hottie. It’s all very heterosexual, and this isn’t in terms of its standard Sishet. It sounds like an AC / DC song, but it’s not misleading. It seems to be very sweet and ridiculous.

Josée Caron: It’s about something you’ll never forget, and it’s really like “remembering the right time.”

Lucy Niles: Yes, that’s right. completely. It’s definitely a love song of its own form. It’s like a polite long song. It was like, “As a gentleman, I don’t say much in detail.”

I can’t tour, so why not release a new album in the middle of a pandemic?

Josée Caron: We are focused on writing new material. To be honest, we haven’t quit our job. Certainly, I think we’ll see more music next year.

Lucy Niles: Yeah. You see, we’re recording now and we’re writing a lot, so that’s our plan now. I can’t get out there right now, so just keep writing and recording. We can definitely pave the way for songwriting.

Do not give up Will be available on Friday, November 20th. Albums can be ordered digitally from compact discs, vinyl LPs, or Partner’s. Bandcamp..

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