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According to the McKinsey Global Survey from April to June vote Of the 60 senior supply chain executives nationwide, 73% faced supply as well as supplier shortages, and 75% faced production / distribution shortages during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Florida’s 21,000 manufacturers (not to mention farmers, restaurant owners, hotel owners and retailers) were also affected by pandemic supply disruptions, such as Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Michael in 2018. ..

Florida-related industry (AIF), Space Florida, and Florida Makes connect manufacturers with future suppliers to ease the state’s $ 56 billion manufacturing turmoil, which employs approximately 400,000 Floridians. We have established Conex Florida, an online database that opens up business opportunities.

Conex Florida Created in 2019 after Hurricane Irma and Michael through a series of grants from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Expansion Partnership (NIST-MEP) program. Approximately 8,900 state manufacturers have signed on.

“The Connex Florida platform gives manufacturers more to improve their supply chains, provide disaster resilience, find new customers for their products, and reuse features to meet market demands. , Offering cheaper and better options, “said AIF President / CEO. Former Congressman Tom Feney. “This is an essential tool for modernizing our supply chain and growing Florida’s manufacturing economy.”

“Recent events have revealed both Florida’s economic future vulnerabilities and opportunities,” said Frank Divero, President and CEO of Space Florida. “Connex Florida provides the Florida industry with a powerful new network and tools in the highly competitive global market.”

The third member of the partnership, Florida MakesRepresents the state’s “manufacturing ecosystem” and is headed by Kevin Carr, former NIST-MEP director and CEO.

Connex Florida recently won two important boosters. Florida Manufacturing & Supply Chain Caucus Chairs Sen. Tom Wright, R-New Smyrna Beach, and Florida Tax Watch (FTW), a public spending watchdog based in Tallahassee.

“Connex provides manufacturers with a way to pivot to alternative supply chains rather than starting from scratch when supply chain disruptions occur,” Wright said. “With a number of small manufacturers established around the state, it is important that the supply chain remains open for these manufacturers to continue producing their products for their families and Florida. “

FTW Monday released a 20-page analysis of Florida’s “Supply Chain Resilience.” It praises Conex Florida as a “resilience platform.”

“In Florida, one tool is emerging as a prime example of a leader looking to strengthen resilience measures, which is Conex, Florida,” says FTW. “Connex Florida leverages existing technology to strengthen connectivity between manufacturers and offer a wide range of suppliers in the state.”

FTW said Conex Florida “provided enormous value to the Florida economy during times of crisis and expansion, and benefited economic growth through improved corporate performance and resilience.”

By March 2020, $ 600,000 will be spent on creating, licensing, and staffing the platform, according to FTW, “it is expected to cost about $ 425,000 a year to maintain aggressively.” It states. “Florida Makes can also match resources available from states and other partners to federal resources through the MEP national network.

FTW President and CEO Dominique Carabro called on the Florida State Assembly on Tuesday to support Conex Florida, while at the same time calling for a partnership to attract smaller manufacturers to the database.

“COVID-19 has caused widespread economic shocks, including underproduction, production inefficiencies, and delays in distribution channels,” said Carabro. “This quickly revealed the value of the supply chain to consumers and taxpayers in states, countries and around the world, creating a new sense of urgency to establish resilience. Florida TaxWatch collaborates. We believe that Connex Florida’s ability to facilitate connections with and is essential to achieving that goal. “

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Partnership Boosts Supply Chain Resiliency for Florida’s $56B Manufacturing Industry Source link Partnership Boosts Supply Chain Resiliency for Florida’s $56B Manufacturing Industry

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