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Oklahoma City (Free press) – The festival season is in full swing now, with both the chaotic musical energy of the OKC Arts Council’s vast arts festival and the beloved Norman Music Festival already behind us, with all eyes being the most in the city. The art district of the 45th Paseo Arts Festival is aimed at one of the most respected and unique things.

For decades, the Paseo Arts District has highlighted the grounded and practical arts and the multicultural communities that produce them. The annual festival is the largest showcase not only for the local community itself, but also for the artists at home and abroad who fit it. Style and sensibility.

As painters, sculptors, jewelery makers and performers all land on the Paseo at Memorial Day Weekend, there is no great opportunity to experience and support the kind of creativity known in the area.

Artist Sarah Kay Michael (foreground) and her partner Kyle Honeycut will arrange their work at the booth on Friday in preparation for the Paseo Arts Festival from May 28th to 30th, 2022. (BRETT DICKERSON / Okla City Free Press)

Visual arts

The main focus of the Paseo Arts Festival is impressive visual art works exhibited by artists and creators of all kinds, from traditional paintings and sculptures to woodworking, face painting and mixed media (both 2D and 3D). .. There will be a number of successful artists at this year’s festival, including Edmund’s Catherine Sanders.

However, the paseo festival is also famous for its attention to ceramic art. Representing the district’s architecture and aesthetics as a distinctive “southwest”, claywork is prominently placed in storefronts and galleries throughout the region, making it a special highlight of the art of interest. Is natural.

Notice Luis Giteres, North Carolina. The stunningly painted pots and vessels combine the images of Hispanics and indigenous peoples, superimposing and often interweaving animal figures to create a variety of animals with brightly colored works.

Ceramic art work by Luis Gutierrez (photograph provided)

Performing arts

The Paseo Arts Festival, like any other great festival, has a diverse and exciting music lineup. Performers range from previous free press highlights such as Kempomeroi and Luna Division to pop rocker Don’t Terdena and local legendary guitarist Edgar Cruz.

One of the bands that makes this festival a special occasion is Moon Possum, an instrumental modern jazz costume that is formed from the remnants of local bands of the past and makes its stage debut on Saturday at 2:45 on the South Stage of the festival.

“We’ve always felt welcome at the paseo,” said drummer Tony Rivera about members of the jazz / funk fusion group, all veterans of the festival over the past few years. “When the Paseo Arts Festival is held, people want to see great art. You just have to be willing to see and hear something outside your comfort zone. There is. That is art. “

Moon possums
Moon Possum Drummer Tony Rivera (Photo provided)

Thumy Phan – Featured Artist

The highlight artist of the 2022 festival is OKC-based painter Thumy Phan. His highly colorful and compelling work seems to be equally drawn from cartoons, pop art, and her own Vietnamese background, and she to portray the life and nature of plants with BIPOC. An expression that shows the affection of.

All of these elements are summarized in the official poster of the festival.

Paseo Arts Festival
Official poster for the 2022 Paseo Arts Festival by Thumy Phan

“One of my favorite things about the paseo is the colorful buildings and houses. It’s very lively. Even on sleepy Sundays, it always feels like a party,” fans said about her inspiration behind the poster art. Told me “I wanted to draw that visual and luscious plant, colorful space, and confetti that blacks and POC people would be happy to spill from the canvas.”

Fans volunteered for OKC’s first Teen Advisory Arts Council in 2009 and are honored to be recognized by Paseo as a featured artist of the year as she grew up engrossed in art festivals around the city. Say there is.

Thumy Phan
Featured artist Thumy Phan in the Paseo Arts area of ​​OKC

Her current hope is to use her spotlight to encourage others to pursue art to develop and embrace their identities.

“These festivals are a big celebration of art and give us a little glimpse of the world I wanted to attend, so being able to design poster art at one of the city’s most famous art festivals. , An absolute dream come true. “She said. “We are grateful for the support of the people from the Paseo area as hate crimes against Asian Americans continue to grow. This experience is a future opportunity to center Paseo’s youth and color artists. Excited me even more. “

Thumy Phan
Artwork by featured artist Thumy Phan

Her message to the Paseo, and her message to all viewers, crowds, and viewers who see her work on posters, T-shirts, and displays throughout the festival this weekend, is simple but heartfelt. This is a message.

“Thank you for watching me.”

The Paseo Arts Festival will be held from May 28th to 30th in the Paseo district of OKC. Visit thepaseo.org for more information about the festival, including a complete list of artists and a complete schedule of musical performers.

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Paseo Arts Festival showcases boundary-pushing art, performances Source link Paseo Arts Festival showcases boundary-pushing art, performances

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