Passengers taping to his seat after the assault of three flight attendants

Frontier Airlines passengers attacked three flight attendants on a weekend flight from Philadelphia to Miami, hitting one, groping for the other two’s chests, and until the plane landed, officials said. I urged a crew member to tape it to his seat.

Part of the quarrel was captured in a video by another passenger who departed Philadelphia at 10:41 pm on Saturday and landed two hours and 37 minutes later for the rest of Flight 2289, who was ridiculed for detention of a man. I did.

credit…Miami-Dade County Correction

Frontier Airlines said in its first statement on Tuesday that flight attendants would be “freed from flight” during the investigation and received sharp criticism from the Flight Attendants Association, the country’s largest flight attendant union. Later on Tuesday, the airline said paid leave was in line with “this kind of event.”

The Flight Attendants Association said the encounter symbolized the hostility faced by airline crews since the travel restrictions enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic were relaxed. It happened with a surge in reports of uncontrollable passengers submitted by airlines to the Federal Aviation Administration. Faced with a sudden fine due to turmoil..

In one video, acquired by several television stations and gaining widespread attention online, the man who said the police were drinking repeatedly cursed other passengers and crew. His parents are “worth $ 2 million,” he said.

Miami-Dade police identified the man as Maxwellbury, 22, in Norwalk, Ohio, and said he had been charged with three batteries for misdemeanor charges in criminal charges.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Mr. Berry had a lawyer. The message left by phone to his family’s home in Ohio and by email on Tuesday was unanswered.

Mr. Berry was booked for the Miami-Dade Correction and Rehabilitation Department on Sunday and was released later that day. Court date information was not immediately available from the department.

According to criminal accusations, a problem arose when Mr. Berry ordered a third alcoholic beverage on the flight and slammed an empty cup against the back of a flight attendant.

After spilling a drink, Berry, who was sitting in the 28D seat, came out of the bathroom shirtless and told the flight attendants that she needed to change clothes. The flight attendant helped remove the shirt from his carry-on baggage, and Mr. Berry walked around the cabin for about 15 minutes.

At that time, he groped for another flight attendant’s chest and told her to sit without touching her, officials said. In a criminal accusation, officials wrote that Mr. Berry later laid his arms around the same two flight attendants and groped his chest.

When a male flight attendant approached and asked several times to calm down, the policeman said, Mr. Berry hit his face with his closed fist.

Sara Nelson, chairman of the Flight Attendants Association, said in a statement Tuesday that the encounter was one of the worst turmoil experienced by airline crews this year.

“Drunk and angry passengers verbally, physically and sexually assaulted multiple members of the crew,” Nelson said. “After many attempts to deescalate, when he refused to obey, the crew was forced to detain the passengers with the tools available on board. We are supporting the crew. increase.”

In their complaint, officials said they helped some other passengers detain Mr. Berry. According to police, seatbelt extenders were also used as restraints. Some other passengers laughed and pulled out their cell phone cameras to record the scene.

“Frontier Airlines maintains maximum value, respect, concern and support for all flight attendants, including those who have been assaulted on this flight,” said the Denver-based airline. increase. “We support the needs of these team members and work with law enforcement agencies to fully support the prosecution of the passengers involved.”

However, the flight attendant union criticized the airline’s response.

“Management has suspended the crew as a kneeling reaction to a short video clip that does not show the entire case,” said union chairman Nelson. “Management needs to help the crew at this point, rather than suspend them.”

Frontier did not answer questions about airline policies and procedures to curb unruly passengers, including whether the tape was approved for that purpose.

In a criminal accusation, the arrested police officer referred the case to the FBI but said he refused to pursue a federal felony charge against Mr. Berry.

But Mr. Berry’s legal issues may still be in their infancy.

The FAA has fined several passengers tens of thousands of dollars this year for clashing with airline crew members regarding mask requirements and other safety instructions.Earlier this year, the agency Zero tolerance policy Or to interfere Assault on flight attendants This can result in fines of up to $ 35,000 and imprisonment.

A FAA spokesman said in an email Tuesday that authorities were investigating all reports of unruly passengers but could not comment on individual cases.

“Flight attendants are responsible for deciding how to respond to uncontrollable passenger cases,” said a spokesman. Ian Gregor..

Mr. Berry graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in May and was awarded the Value in Action Award from the Greek living community for being a “perfect role model” and leading the “fight to dismantle the stereotypes of fraternity.” Was awarded.University posted Zoom video Of the presentation.

“Ohio Wessrian is sad to know this situation with one of his graduates,” a university spokesman, Cole Hatcher, said in an email Tuesday. “This case is not related to the university, and the case depicted does not reflect Ohio Wessian values.”

Passengers taping to his seat after the assault of three flight attendants

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