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Honolulu (KHON2) — This current water problem This isn’t the first time oil has been detected by the Navy’s water quality tests in Hawaii, and there are many ways in which pollution may have occurred. Although this episode has caused unprecedented impact, we are constantly investigating the years reviewed in the Navy’s water quality inspection report showing past pollution.

Does oil come from groundwater? If not, how else did you get into the well?

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After 27,000 gallons of fuel were released from Red Hill’s # 5 underground tank in 2014, the Navy has tested Red Hill’s water axis above normal regulatory levels and reported it to the State Department (DOH).

Since then, Always Investigating has compared all these annual reports and found that petroleum products (TPH) were present at the location in the past. Last year it reached 490 ppb. This is above the Ministry of Health’s Environmental Behavior Level (EAL), but below the limit, TPH is Navy’s recent emergency test.. KHON2 is waiting for the Ministry of Health to answer about what it has done in the past.

The Navy explained in the 2020 High TPH Test: “One TPH-d (C8-C18) EAL excess occurred during a 2020 test on a chlorinated sample. The pre-chlorinated sample was with fuel stored in the Redhill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility. TPH-d (C8-C18) could not be detected at the test limits of all prechlorinated samples in 2020. With the Ministry of Health of Hawaii (HDOH). The Navy will continue to test and include the results in future water quality reports. “

But this latest well Contamination test from the week of November 29 — At the level below EAL — in terms of odor, taste and illness, it is consistent with the most prominent effects on faucets and at home.

“Maybe it’s diluted enough that people don’t taste it, or this time it’s a little more concentrated,” explained Bilwon, a retired chief of the safe drinking water branch of the state DOH. ..

“Did I try to see where it really came from? So far, I’m not sure. They said they found a water source or turned it off, but that’s due to some interconnection. Is it due to part of the pipe, or is it due to groundwater? “

Bilwon, Retired Chief of Safe Drinking Water Branch in State DOH

Interconnect Won means that some line (in this case water) is connected to or intersects something else, such as a fuel line or drain.

A few days before I started to notice the fuel odor of my house on Sunday, November 28th, 14,000 gallons of fuel and water poured from the Red Hill fire extinguishing system.. The Navy is considering interconnecting with water pipes when discontinuing Red Hill foam fire extinguishing agent pipes or refueled product lines, according to sources who are constantly investigating. According to sources, it could be a gateway where oil is well backed up by water distribution systems and Red Hill Shafts.

“The drinking water line should be protected and should not be interconnected with anything that could substantially contaminate or affect the drinking water line,” said Erwin Kawata of the Honolulu Water Quality Division. I am saying.

“They have to find out. Someone was trying to connect the water, or somehow they were cleaning the fuel line. Somehow the water was sucked in and the water was in the wash line. Is back on the good line, “Wong added.

KHON2 asked: can the polluted water return all the way to the well?

“If you line up, you can go anywhere,” explains Kawada. “When you pump up a well, it will be pumped out.”

Hawaii has a remarkable history of interconnect pollution. The interconnection between irrigation and drinking water lines during the construction of the airport decades ago was a major failure that caused bacterial pollution.

“We collected and disinfected the samples, but unfortunately we found that the contractor was connecting the line from the watercress farm to that particular drinking water line,” Wong said. “The water was contaminated with bacteria and ruined the entire Diamond Head Wing at the airport.”

Connection type errors are easier to control and correct than widespread groundwater pollution.

“Because it’s a very local pollution. You cut it off. That’s it. It’s all cleared,” Wong said. “But once it enters the aquifer, you can see how big it is and how much water is around it.”

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Investigations are constantly awaiting responses from the Navy as to whether a particular cause of this contamination has been identified, whether a connection defect or fraud is involved, or whether it is groundwater pollution from a widespread spill. .. They haven’t answered yet, but generally state that the source is “identified and quarantined.” KHON2 will continue to ask for answers.

Past contamination, cross-connection and groundwater risks all targeted in Navy water crisis Source link Past contamination, cross-connection and groundwater risks all targeted in Navy water crisis

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