Patient hospitalized for COVID-19 plays violin to thank caregivers while intubated – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2020-11-27 09:04:49 –

Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4 News) – One patient admitted for COVID-19 decides to give back to a caregiver at McKay Dee Hospital.

Grover Wilhelmsen reportedly asked if he could play the violin to uplift their spirits while in the ICU. Although he was unable to speak to them during the intubation, he was able to thank them through music, according to health officials.

Ciara Sase, a hospital registered nurse, was taking care of Glover when he learned of Glover’s ideas for playing.

“He was intubated and couldn’t speak, but he knew from other nurses that he was a retired orchestra teacher. He played and taught for the rest of his life.”

Siara said Grover was communicating with her on a piece of paper, and he began to tell her in music about his history and how much joy it brings to him. She says. “Towards the middle of my shift he wrote” You know, I really want to play at the hospital here. What do you think about my wife bringing in my violin and viola, according to hospital officials?

“I said to him,” I want to hear you play. It will bring so much brightness and positivity to our environment. “

Ciara and her colleagues reviewed the details for safely delivering the instrument to Grover and cleaned it up with hospital staff. Hospital staff also carefully monitored his health and vitals while he was playing for them.

Glover’s wife, Diana, brought both his violin and viola to the hospital along with some music books.

Grover reportedly played for several hours in a row for two days.

The ICU room has a glass door with Ciara still closed, so turn on her Vocera (a communication device that helps everyone outside the glass to hear) and colleagues play with Grover through the glass. I made it possible to hear.

About 12 caregivers reportedly gathered to see and hear in the ICU. Grover played songs, including Tennessee Waltz and many church hymns,

“It brought tears to my eyes. It was unbelievable for all staff to see the patient do this during intubation,” says Ciara. “He was very ill, but he was still able to break through. You could see how meaningful it was to him. Some kind of performance calmed his nerves and made him It helped me get back to that moment. “

RN’s Matt Harper said: “It was honestly shocking to be there when he picked up the violin. I felt like I was in a dream. I miserable and sedated the patient during intubation. I’m used to it, but Glover made something positive about the unfortunate situation. This was one of my favorite memories at the ICU I had. In the darkness of COVID It was a small light. “

After spending more than a month fighting COVID-19 at McKay-Dee, Grover was recently discharged from the ICU to a long-term emergency facility, according to hospital officials.

His wife, Diana, told hospital officials that he is currently too weak to play, but when he regains power, he will pick up the violin and return to his passion for music.

The story was shared on the Intermountain Healthcare website. Find out more about the story at Intermountain Healthcare.

Patient hospitalized for COVID-19 plays violin to thank caregivers while intubated Source link Patient hospitalized for COVID-19 plays violin to thank caregivers while intubated

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