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Denver — On the way to pick up a family friend from Denver Health, John Deleon didn’t expect him to help a stranger altogether.

Outside the hospital, De Leon saw a man in a wheelchair bleeding from his head. He was unresponsive.

“He looked tattered. He looked like he was beaten. He had a big rift on the top of his head,” said Deleon. “I could see all the pasties used in the ER. He still had everything. The picture I took was that the gouache was clearly open and from the gouache to the head. It shows that blood is flowing from the top to the face. “

Soon, De Leon said he began to seek help from hospital staff walking outside. He said an employee of a hospital had intervened.

“She came out and was told he was being seen in the emergency department. They decided he wasn’t going to see him because he was combative, so they immediately called him. I spread it on the curb there and left him there. ”

Eventually, he called 911.

In total, he said he was with the patient for about an hour.

“I had to call 911, and I took the rescuers there, and the rescuers were with the nurse in charge-they finally brought him back,” Deleon said. ..

When Denver7 first contacted Denver Health, the hospital was unable to comment on the details due to patient privacy, but was told that the patient was being treated in good condition.

In a second conversation, Denver Health revealed that the patient was waiting for transportation outside, and the hospital couldn’t stop anyone from leaving.

In a statement, Denver Health said, “Our top priority is to provide quality medical care to patients. Patient health information is private, protected by law and will disclose details. However, patients are free to leave the hospital. If they violate the medical advice of the doctor, and at any point during treatment the patient chooses to disagree with the medical advice, we will tell them We are not in a position to care for any objections or bring them back to our facility against their will, but if circumstances change and the patient returns and requests care, we will always take care of it. We respect the right of all patients to choose the medical care they want, regardless of circumstances or medical restrictions. “

Deleon said he didn’t want to “bang” Denver Health, but couldn’t understand why the man was out of the hospital in his condition.

Denver 7 does not name the patient.

Patient outside of Denver Health appeared to need help Source link Patient outside of Denver Health appeared to need help

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