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“Julian Edelman was one of the best.”

Julian Edelman played for the Patriots from 2009 to 2020.

FOXBOROUGH — During the half-time of the Patriots Saints match on Sunday, retired wide receiver Julian Edelman jumps out of the tunnel, sprints the length of the field, and when he reaches the end zone, he puts his hand in his ear and jumps. Te, fist.

Sequences are familiar to Patriots fans. Edelman follows its exact routine before kicking off almost every game at Gillette Stadium.

However, almost a year has passed since Edelman last went out into the field in his uniform. The three-time Super Bowl champion played his last NFL game in October 2020, had surgery on his left knee, and announced his retirement six months later.

So when the Patriots decided to honor Edelman’s 12-year career on Sunday, he was forced to make the usual entrance for the old days.

Edelman was then welcomed by his four-year-old daughter Lily and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Robert Kraft was preparing some remarks on this occasion.

“It’s hard to play professional football, but great football always makes it easy,” Kraft said. “For more than a decade, Julian Edelman has been one of the greatest figures. He has the knack of enabling unlikely catches, creating space when nothing is happening, and constantly moving the chain. I did.

“He quickly opened up, fearless in the middle, and elusive after the catch. One of the reasons he made him a fan favorite is here in New England, where he’s tough like a nail. was.”

Wearing a gray hoodie with cut-off sleeves, Edelman carried a microphone to accommodate a packed audience.

“I want to take a moment to thank the craft family and coaches. [Bill] Belichick and all my teammates, “said Edelman. “I miss them dying. And you guys, fans, you guys took me and my family, and you brought us to your house, you got us We lived you, we breathed you, and we always die you. “

Prior to the kick-off, Edelman greeted Belichick and some of his former teammates. Belichick did not attend the half-time ceremony because he was in the changing room, but paid tribute to Edelman earlier in the week.

“He had a great career,” Belichick said on Friday. “He was an amazing blocker in every field, catching, receiving punt returners, running and being an excellent blocker. A really tough and competitive kid — at the top of the guys I coached. . “

“Assuming Julian doesn’t like roasting me or doing big spoofing, it’s great to see Julian, but I met him again and the great career he spent here and how much. It’s great to admit that he meant how much he stepped up for us with this team, this organization, and the big game.

Edelman, 35, is now enjoying his role as an analyst for “Inside the NFL.” He is also working with his production company, Coast Productions, to develop two shows, a documentary series and a screenplay comedy.

Follow in the footsteps of former Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski, who retired in March 2019, and don’t expect to return to action a year later and team up with his best friend Tom Brady in Tampa.

“Retired as a patriot, it’s like a dream,” Edelman said. “I’ve always loved people who played in one team. I think it’s pretty cool for a soccer player to have an entire career in one team with one franchise.”

Patriots honor ‘tough as nails’ Julian Edelman during ceremony Source link Patriots honor ‘tough as nails’ Julian Edelman during ceremony

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