Patrol cams adding more security to local parking lots – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-09-12 18:16:29 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — I’ve seen them when shopping at Fry’s, Walmart, or Lowe’s. A stand-alone patrol camera occupies space in the Tucson parking lot.

“They really wanted to show that in their parking lot their patrons could feel safer and have a sense of control in the parking lot,” Lindsey said.

With Steve Lindsey LiveView Technologies Camera installers say that a self-contained patrol cam is an additional set of Tucson parking eye and security.

“Some customers saw store contractions down more than 60% and some customers down 30%. There was a dramatic change in behavior within the parking lot itself,” Lindsey said. Stated.

Lindsey also states that the camera uses artificial intelligence technology to determine if there is a threat in the area.

“There’s advanced technology that can analyze the scene you’re looking at and determine what those threats are. It warns people to focus on that area based on their threat level,” Lindsey said. Mr. says.

According to LiveView Technologies, the unit is solar powered with a cellular connection.

“We call them quick deployment solutions. They can move them, lift them up, and disassemble them very quickly,” Lindsey said.

Camera watchers are usually on-site to handle situations where the remote command center contacts the police as needed.

“The person can break in and move the camera in real time. They can talk through speakers that can interact with the place. They can do it anywhere in the world,” says Lindsey. I did.

Prices will vary depending on the length of time you subscribe to the service and your needs. Cameras are used in polling stations, construction sites, and businesses of all types and sizes across the country.


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Patrol cams adding more security to local parking lots Source link Patrol cams adding more security to local parking lots

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