Paul Bettany says he “punched” a flatulence from Tom Hanks

That will happen! Paul Bettany recall Hilarious anecdote About shooting in Tom Hanks 2006s Da Vinci CodeRevealed that he “punched” a flatulence from a legendary actor.

“I had to grab him, and I had to hit him in the stomach, and it’s very quiet on the set.” Wandavision Star, 49, remembered on Wednesday, March 3 Late Show with Stephen Colbert.. “It’s quieter whenever a stunt is happening because I’m worried that someone might get hurt. So everyone was listening and I hit him in the belly, and he really , Really, really, really loudly chatted. “

Paul Bettany in “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. YouTube

Bethany continued. I didn’t know the shape. What do you do when the world’s biggest movie star flatulences? I saw him for a moment. And he went, “What’s wrong with you? You just flatulent me!”

The story is confirmed by cast away Star, 64.He guided his fans to his own version of the event during his 2019 appearance Graham Norton Show, Supports the story of British native species. Hanks admitted that he hadn’t had the opportunity to participate in so many film battles, saying: I will be cast as a pie eater.. “

Hanks said: Da Vinci Code.. … In a movie battle, everyone treats it like a real battle. “

“Paul came in a hurry and I met him. I landed on the ground because he was supposed to hit me against the desk,” Hanks revealed. “When I hit the floor, I fooled.”

Bethany was previously in 2015 Yahoo Movies UK.. He said a Californian native kept asking him to “hit him harder” throughout the filming of the scene. But on the first blow, Hanks tore one.The· Avengers: Age of Ultron The star admits that: As you mention it or as an Englishman, I felt as if I should say. Flatulent! “

Paul Bettany says he has punched a flatulence from Tom Hanks while filming
Tom Hanks of “The Da Vinci Code”. Moviestore / Shutterstock

The· Toy story Actor But it was a good sport about it. Bethany said at the time:[Hanks] Just looked at me and said, “You just flatulent me. Isn’t it fun?”

The· Beautiful mind “I loved him for that,” the star added.

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Paul Bettany says he “punched” a flatulence from Tom Hanks

Source link Paul Bettany says he “punched” a flatulence from Tom Hanks

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