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New York City — On September 11, 2001, the world changed forever. For most Americans, it’s a day to look back on the horrific tragedy that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people. For those who were inside the Twin Towers, it’s a day they would rather forget.

“I was in the living room in Minden, Nevada. Like everyone else in America that day, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Roy Hatchings of Baker City, Oregon.

“I lived and worked in Washington, DC. It was a really strange morning with blue skies and chills,” said Dot Hoffman, who lives in San Francisco.

“My son was four years old and was taking him to childcare,” said Tina Demarco of Cincinnati. “When I got in the car and turned on the radio, I immediately heard that the plane crashed into the tower.” ..

“It wasn’t Orson Welles or’War of the World’, so it probably took 45 minutes, maybe an hour to actually draw it. It was actually a real event 3,000 miles away. “Hatchings says.

Almost all Americans remember where they were on 9/11.

“I worked for C & L merchandise. We worked at the 4World Trade Center, but when the first plane crashed, I was out of the elevator,” said Paul Leale.

His office was on the 7th floor of the World Trade Center. He was able to escape using the stairs.

“While we were standing there, we saw a piece of paper coming out and then some larger objects coming out. Then we had it in the body popping out of the building. I noticed it and heard it just banging and throbbing on the other side of the trade center, “he remembers. A convenience store where you can get water and only a disposable camera. I have just started taking all the pictures. “

Twenty years later, that day is still a lively and painful memory.

“I wasn’t there yet,” Lille said.

“I keep thinking about going there and seeing the new Freedom Tower and seeing everything they did, but I don’t want to get off,” he added.

Lille did not travel to the monument for the 20-year ceremony, but tens of thousands of Americans did.

Hatching was one of them. The terrorist attack urged him to serve his country.

“I returned to the Marine Corps. Mr. Hatchings said,” I went abroad again, “and said,” As soon as I knew it, I put my name on my hat and went abroad again. ” rice field.

The monument also has a special place in the center of Hoffman.

She currently lives in California, but this week she traveled to New York to visit Freedom Tower.

“I come every time I come to New York. I feel like he’s there, so I come to say hello,” Hoffman said.

“He” is her brother Stephen, one of the 2,977 lives taken that day.

“He was just a force to count,” she said.

Hoffman says he misses his brother every day.

“I miss our family as before he left, I still miss the family he left,” she said.

Lille understands the sadness felt by those who have lost someone. He cherishes the time he spends with his family and loved ones.

“You wouldn’t have seen the kids graduate. Grammar school, junior high school, high school, college. You know, I could see it all,” he said. “Hopefully you can see your daughter get married and your son get married. If it worked differently, they would have lived without me.”

Paul Leale was in the north tower when the building was hit Source link Paul Leale was in the north tower when the building was hit

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