Paw Fest in Stow – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-19 15:19:55 –

Stowe, Ohio (WJW) – Sunday was a great day to get rid of dogs.

And hundreds of canines from all over northeastern Ohio Storage-Munro Falls Lions Club 14NS Annual pofest.

Fundraising will take place in the city of Stows Bow Wow Beach Dog Park. The money collected will be used for some community projects.

Marty Dennis, the organizer of the event, said: “Last year I couldn’t do this for COVID-19. I know that many people missed it last year, and we didn’t have it. “

During the event, Stowe Police K-9 officers and their handlers demonstrated some of their skills. Other dogs participated in several contests, including the best outfits.

NSNS 8I team Reporters Peggy and Ed Galek were guest judges.

Check out the photos selected from the events below:

Paw Fest in Stow Source link Paw Fest in Stow

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