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Tucson, Arizona 2021-09-28 22:27:12 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Tucson has a reputation as a refugee-welcome city, but many of these newcomers need to speak English to actually build their lives here.

Tucson is truly an international community, and more and more with the arrival of refugees in Afghanistan and perhaps Haiti, so how do they prepare to function in the city of Tucson? Many result in Pima Community College programs.

In recent events we are thinking about refugees from Afghanistan and Haiti, but Tucson has become home to so many people who speak so many languages.

PCC Refugee Program “The program speaks 32 languages, but not all of them, and teachers are trained to provide training to their students regardless of their mother tongue,” said coordinator Sara Haghighi. Stated.

Some refugees may arrive with limited education. Some may be doctors or have other advanced degrees. Many Afghan refugees have left their home countries because they served as English translators for the US military. They may speak English, but they need help reading and writing it.

“In many cases, families, especially women, do not have the opportunity to have a formal education and may not be able to read or write even in their native language,” said Haghighi.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security bears the cost of language training. The goal is to allow refugees to hold back their jobs after six months of instruction. Some people move to the equivalent of a high school diploma or get a college degree.

Haghighi states that as many as 500 Afghans could arrive in November. They will range from adults to very young children, and many will use the PCC program as the basis for their new life.


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PCC to help Afghan refugees learn English Source link PCC to help Afghan refugees learn English

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