PCSD asks for pay hike to stay competitive with TPD – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-05-25 02:13:21 –

Tucson, Arizona — Of course, sudden changes.

The sheriff’s department is currently seeking higher wages and sent a letter to the supervisory board on May 11 stating, “Check the current status of the TPD that Tucson has adopted for its budget and a similar or equivalent package “Eric Cervantes of the Pima County Deputy Sheriffs Association said. President.

Why are you requesting now? Sheriff Chris Nanos said he did not expect the city of Tucson to raise wages that much.

“The city took action when it discovered that 81% of its staff were basically not raising the right amount of money. They did the right thing in my eyes,” Nanos said.

And now sheriffs and unions are worried without a significant increase in wages they cannot compete with.

They have already lost their agents to other nearby law enforcement agencies.

Then add the TPD to the list and the department is actively hiring.

“Recently, like TPD, we had equal pay for new employees, Sgts, and detectives. Now with this big jump, we’re not even close,” Cervantes said.

So what does that mean for the general public?

Fewer agents could slow response times, they said.

The sheriff’s department is already understaffed.

Nanos provides insight into the number of agents on patrol, that is, the number of agents answering calls.

“Our licensed strength is 230. Today it’s 193. When it reaches 180, it’s pretty important,” Nanos said.

Sheriffs said the budget deadline was June 22nd.

PCSD asks for pay hike to stay competitive with TPD Source link PCSD asks for pay hike to stay competitive with TPD

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