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Tucson, Arizona 2021-08-05 22:16:32 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —This is a project that has been created over the months and is currently being realized. The Pima County Sheriff’s Office is changing jurisdiction boundaries to improve response times.

For starters, Sheriff Chris Nanos says the change is a step in the right direction not only to ease the burden on agents, but also to get the help they need from the community.

“I had to do this. This is the first thing to do,” he told KGUN9.

He says the repartition hasn’t happened for 50 years and it’s time for agents to be moved to specific areas to reduce response times.

“Look at Green Valley or Tucson Mountain. 7,000 calls a year. They have a station. Response times are fast. There are no substations in Vail. Response time from Catalina, Tank Verde area to Vail. … probably 20 to 30 miles away. Response times are quite slow, “Sheriff Nanos said.

Districts exist to allocate coverage to members of different regions. Sheriff Nanos says Vail has a substation that never existed and is actively servicing about 20 hours a day.

“And it will be deployed by officers in other regions,” he added.

He states that repartitioning will improve efficiency. This is now very important due to the lack of staff.

“It has decreased by 10% since four years ago. Crime has not decreased to 10%. Demand for services has not decreased to 10%-our staff does. This is the first That’s one of the reasons, and probably the easiest step. Place your employees where they are in demand and most needed, “sheriff said.

This is what he wants to do next:

“My next job is to take advantage of the substation in the San Xavier area, which serves the Three Point area, to get closer to the center of the area. There are 60 lawmakers there,” he said. Told KGUN9.

He says that by placing them closer and more central to the district, response times will be faster, police presence will be greater, and community interaction will be higher.

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