Peacock conquers Los Angeles County and evokes lovers and hatred | Los Angeles

A pandemic has stalled relocation work, and parts of Southern California are now reportedly flooded with peacocks...

Traditionally known for its vibrant and beautiful tail feathers, the large birds are a nuisance to many inhabitants of the wilderness. The Washington Post reportedIn Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley, northeast of Los Angeles, hundreds of peacocks have been seen casually walking along the sidewalks of the city, standing on the lawns and roofs of homeowners.

“Urban sprawl caused problems in Southern California. It invaded their territory and basically peacocks stayed in trees for generations. In some places, all of them. It’s almost impossible to capture, “said Dennis Fett, co-founder and director of the Peacock Information Center. Said to the slate..

In addition to their physical presence, peacocks can be noisy due to their constant bark and can occur early in the morning or late at night.

“They wake me up at dawn. It sounds like the baby is being tortured through a very big mic, and that’s probably the beginning of my complaint,” lives in East Pasadina. 68-year-old Kathleen Tuttle told the post.

The peacock problem is polarized, with many communities divided throughout Pasadena, and one inhabitant describes the problem as “more divided than national affairs.”

Some residents enjoy the existence of peacocks. Peacock followers often feed birds, Many municipalities oppose the ban on eating. However, some people dislike wild birds. Wild birds are known to tear the garden and destroy shingles in the windows, in addition to the loud copulation barks.

Male peacocks also peck parked cars and sometimes mistake their reflexes for potential romantic rivals. Some residents who are dissatisfied with the current lack of migration services have taken drastic steps to curb the growth of peacocks.

“This is the most polarized thing I’ve ever been involved with,” said former bird curator Mike Maxi. Los Angeles To the zoo and the post. “70% of the population hates them and wants to get rid of them. 30% love and cherish them.”

In response to the escalating problem, the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board, the governing body of Los Angeles County, is preparing to pass an ordinance banning the intentional feeding of peacocks. Feeding birds. You may be fined $ 1,000 or imprisoned for up to 6 months.

In the city of Los Angeles County, Arcadia, a ban on eating already exists, but city officials say no one has been charged under the ordinance.

Peacock conquers Los Angeles County and evokes lovers and hatred | Los Angeles

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