Pear makes its stock market debut & telehealth players lock arms – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-12-07 12:14:19 –

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Telemedicine supporters join forces in Washington

The main players in telemedicine Banding together at DC Before major lobbying activities to maintain the regulatory flexibility granted during the pandemic.New campaign called Telemedicine access in the United StatesBring together a wide group of well-funded profits.This includes industry giants such as: Amazon When Walmart,and American Hospital Association, AARP And major medical systems such as: Johns Hopkins.. The legislators, who ultimately determine the future of the regulatory environment, challenged many of the biggest problems facing telemedicine until February and offered stakeholders a few more months of suggestions.


It is categorized by visit, race, ethnicity, and location of Telehealth Part B as a percentage of medical care. (ASPE)

However, it can be difficult to convey a message to skeptics about costs, quality and health inequalities.Biden administration released Friday new data It raises the question of whether telemedicine can really meet the key goal of promoting health equity.Colleague Rachel Coles Have a complete story..

Can care for complex mental health conditions be virtualized?


Two years after the pandemic, behavioral therapy for common conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder and depression is forever, as patients and healthcare providers recognize the value of virtual visits for regular treatment. to change.Behavioral healthcare providers and startups are now NOCD When Equip health We are also testing whether intensive care for complex diagnoses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating disorders can be virtually and permanently transitioned. Published studies on the effectiveness of such outpatient experiments have been inadequate so far. In a new story, Mario jumps into the early evidence and explores the next direction for these virtual programs.

Covid Pill’s Digital Health Supply Chain

Virtual care companies believe they can speed up the process of delivering new oral antivirals to patients when Covid-19’s new oral antivirals are most effective.Digital health company last week Truepill Announced to launch platform To support telemedicine consultations, prescriptions, and next-day delivery of new drugs from Merck and Pfizer, if permitted. Carbon healthFeaturing both physical clinics and virtual care, plans to expand acute Covid care program Include oral antivirals.And direct consumer companies Ro It has the ability to prescribe and deliver medicines and expects to make them available through its platform. Read more in Katie’s story..

Digital diabetes care is out of scope

Continuous blood glucose monitoring has been shown to be used only in diabetics, but there is growing interest in using it in a wider population.This month is a virtual care company Carbon health Has taken the unusual step of prescribing off-label CGM to some patients in California who have been determined by company doctors to be at risk for diabetes. The company uses two-week CGM data to create a “metabolic health assessment” that informs the patient’s preventive care plan. Myeongcha, Chief Strategy Officer of Carbon, said: Katie has a complete story..

Another View of Wearables as a Covid Predictor

The new algorithm may be able to warn the wearer Fitbits, Apple Watch, And according to other fitness trackers for presymptomatic Covid-19 infection Studies published in Nature Medicine It is built on Proof-of-concept research Published last year By Michael Snyder and his colleagues Stanford..Finding signs of Covid-19 or other respiratory infections before symptoms appear Hot area for research.. In a new study, researchers have developed a system that generates alerts based on changes in overnight resting heart rate and tracks them over several months. The system alerted 80% of those who tested positive for Covid and received a median signal 3 days before symptoms appeared. However, the alert did not necessarily point to Covid. The case was simply a sign of another infection, stress, or lack of sleep.

Recursion was a huge success, Pear’s debut

  • AI drug discovery company Recursion Signed a contract with a major pharmaceutical company Roche And its member companies, GenentechIdentify drug discovery targets for cancer and neurological conditions. The transaction, which prepays $ 150 million in recursion and makes future performance-based payments, uses the company’s AI model to analyze cell-type chemical and genetic variation to clarify disease processes. Identify potential therapeutic approaches.
  • UK-based digital care provider Babylon Have Release A triage tool that utilizes Rwanda’s AI. Helps call center nurses collect relevant information about the patient’s symptoms and assign them to the appropriate care channels. The product launch is part of a 10-year partnership with the Government of Rwanda to develop a digital-first healthcare system.
  • Japanese remote patient monitoring company OMRON HEALTHCARE Have Sign partnership With a Singapore-based telemedicine company Doctor Anywhere Provides enhanced cardiovascular care. The agreement integrates data from OMRON’s blood pressure monitors and other devices into telemedicine consultations to support more timely treatment.
  • Digital treatment company Pear therapy It approached the opening price late in the afternoon after a surge early in trading on the first day of trading on the Nasdaq exchange on Monday. The company’s debut Thimble Point Acquisition Co., Ltd. In a SPAC transaction that generated about $ 175 million in Pear.
  • CVS health Microsoft said they Form a team As part of the company’s broader digital transformation, it provides AI-driven health recommendations to customers in the pharmacy chain. The agreement leverages Microsoft’s Azure platform to further automate pharmacy services and provide more customized care.

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