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Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-11-20 02:09:22 –

Honolulu (KHON) — Charity Antonio applied immediately when he heard that Family Fude was holding an audition at the Hawaii Convention Center. Her journey to national television all began with skits.

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Although not required, Antonio added a family video of playing skits by email to FamilyFude producers prior to the October 2019 public audition at the Hawaii Convention Center.

“I’m the one who signed up for my family, because when you talk to them or party with them, you know they’re in the life of any party,” she said. ..

“I was ecstatic when I received the email (saying we made it)!” Said a Pearl City native.

Antonio and his brothers Chuck Drameller, Isaac Drameller, Jeremiah Drameller and Blessing Victorin flew to Atlanta, Georgia to film the show in August 2020.

“Ironically, we were in Family Feud, and at that time our family was doing Feud. The show brought us back,” Issac laughed.

All “Manini” stuff, says the Pearl City family.

“We are blood and we are all families. We must forgive each other,” Antonio said.

“Yeah. And the money speaks louder!” The blessing was equipped as her brother laughed.

That’s not the only obstacle Drameller had to overcome to compete in Family Fude.

Special precautions have been added due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They had to take the COVID-19 test. For me as a mother, if they had to quarantine without passing, or if they got sick, it would break my nerves. “It was,” said her mother, Leslie Drumler.

“Yes, we were saying … If someone gets infected with COVID, we would be very angry with you! We flew so far for the game show!” Laughed the blessing.

“When we took the test, one test wasn’t definitive,” Jeremiah recalled.

“I ended up being me! I was scared. Don’t say I was infected with COVID! I had to retest,” he said. Jeremiah tested negative, allowing her family to compete.

“When you see us at the show, that’s the only time we don’t have a mask. And if you see the show, Steve Harvey has his own podium. He’s ours We couldn’t come by and we couldn’t even take a picture with him, “said Antonio.

The family didn’t win, but says they have no regrets.

“If this is on the bucket list, I won’t regret it. It was a lot of fun!” Antonio said.

“We are losers. But we did very well! We won 3 out of 5 rounds. We are in a sudden death round. This guy lost for us!” Blessing is my brother He pointed to the picture of Chuck. Chuck was unable to interview.

“Bad thing, he’s not here to protect himself,” she joked.

An episode of Family Feud featuring the Drumeller family, which first aired on KHON on November 19, 2020.

Pearl City family brings charm and aloha spirit to hit game show ‘Family Feud’ Source link Pearl City family brings charm and aloha spirit to hit game show ‘Family Feud’

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