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Eighty years ago, the attack on Pearl Harbor surprised and killed 2,403 Americans and injured more than 1,100.In a speech to Congress the next day, the President Franklin Roosevelt We called December 7, 1941 “the day to live on the infamous day.” That prediction also applies to this 80th compliance with the 2021 attack on Pearl Harbor.

In December 1941, the people of Alabama, and in fact most of the 48 states at the time, did not know where Pearl Harbor was. They learned very quickly and never forgot.

The attack on Pearl Harbor ignited America’s determination to invalidate Japan’s war machinery. Americans were patriotic and individuals tried to help them win. Many joined the army and fought for our country.

My father, Blowers ZyglerHad already worked in defense assistance at the Huntsville Arsenal (now Redstone Arsenal). Two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dad got off and joined the army. The next day, management pulled him into the Huntsville office and told him he had canceled his enlistment because he was an important defense job and needed to defend where he was. He served his country here in Alabama.

For other Americans, their role in the war effort was to distribute the use of items such as gasoline, sugar, butter, and canned goods. It was supposed to win the war, and the Americans were delighted with their role in winning it.

Be aware of the privilege of living in the United States, as you remember those who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor. After World War II, the United States became a superpower in the world. Today, America is blessed with abundant wealth, resources, and global influence. Above all, America is blessed with resilience and determination to face adversity.

Jim Ziegler Alabama Auditor.

Pearl Harbor and Alabama 80 years later Source link Pearl Harbor and Alabama 80 years later

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