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KOIN, Oregon — Pearl Ileton has devoted his life to raising children who have little chance of surviving as babies. With her husband Pat, Ileton has raised more than nine children.

“They are basically the children we raised. We treat them as children,” she said. “My sister treats them as brothers.”

One child, Kori, was born with flat-line brain waves, which means there are no brain waves. They didn’t expect her to accomplish it.

“And she didn’t move much,” Ileton said. “She was always smiling.”
That was over 30 years ago when they all lived in San Diego. Associate nurse Ileton worked with Kori’s parents.

“We told our parents,’What this should be, and if you’re okay with it, I’d like to adopt her,'” Ireton said. “And they both started crying and said,’That is, is she going to live?'” So we worked with them to meet again. She returned to them and we became really intimate. We jumped for her high school graduation, and I have a picture of her graduating from college. “

Kori opened her heart, she said.

“She was our first and something like that tightened us,” Ireton said.

Iretons welcomed six special needs children to their home. Living as both a mother and a nurse has become the standard for Ireton.

The couple took their children (Ray, Christine, Jennifer, Alex, Noah, Mason) and moved to a seafront home in Pacific City. They have lived there for over 30 years.

Like Kori, Mason’s chances of survival were zero.

“He had a g-tube, a gastric feeding tube until he was 18 years old,” Ireton said. “That is, he took it to high school, played a track, and finally we were able to take it out.”

However, he survived in his thirties, and Mason is married and lives in Portland.

There were also painful moments. Ileton said that five of the children they raised were unable to survive. There were others who lived with them before returning to their real parents.

Her husband was always on her side and said Ileton was really a “notable woman”.

“Pearl is the most positive, happiest, coolest and most beautiful person I have ever met,” he said.

For her children, she is a kind caretaker and a tough guardian.

She encourages more people to become foster parents.

“My main thing, and what I always fight for, is that the kids need to be at home,” she said.

“Don’t join it for money because it’s not there, but do it because it’s the right thing to do. Concise and simple. That’s the right thing. These kids need love.” She said.

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