Pedestrians being hit on freeways becoming more common in Fresno County, CHP says – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-08-04 02:27:05 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Tendency to grow along local highways: Pedestrians are beaten and killed by drivers.

This included two people who were killed on Highway 99 last weekend.

California Highway Patrol states that these fatal collisions involving pedestrians have become more common in recent years.

Around 1:30 am last Saturday, CHP said 31-year-old Janet Ward crossed the north-facing lane of Highway 99, just south of Clinton Avenue.

She was beaten and killed by the driver.

Around 12:30 am on Sunday, less than a mile from the crash on Saturday, officials said 28-year-old Ramon Lejan set foot on Highway 99 traffic near Belmont Off-Ramp.

He was also beaten and killed.

CHP officials said pedestrian calls in general, especially fatal collisions involving pedestrians, are becoming more common.

According to the CHP, many of the conflicts in Fresno’s interchange area are related to the local homeless population.

“The area is highly focused and unfortunately crosses the freeway on a regular basis,” said Sergeant Joseph Bianchi of the California Highway Patrol.

So far this year, the California Highway Patrol has investigated 50 fatal accidents in Fresno County.

Seven of them involved pedestrians.

“It’s a little frustrating because you can’t keep them away from the freeway, you know, they cross almost at will,” Sgt said. Bianchi said.

Mayor Jerry Dyer launched a project offramp earlier this year with the aim of clearing homeless camps, including camps along Fresno’s highways.

He said last month that the city had cleaned up camps along Highway 99 and operated to accommodate 105 people who had been homeless.

“The deaths of both pedestrians on the freeway this weekend were not associated with highway camps,” Dier said.

City officials said their records indicate that outreach workers had contacted Lujan, the man who was killed on Sunday morning in March of this year.

He refused the service and told the workers that he would return with his family.

Mayor Dier says the project offramp is still underway.

An additional 130 rooms will be available at the motel acquired by the city this month.

Relocation efforts will be concentrated in schools, parks, and neighborhoods.

“We will go step by step through the city of Fresno, step by step, but it will take time,” Dier said.

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Pedestrians being hit on freeways becoming more common in Fresno County, CHP says Source link Pedestrians being hit on freeways becoming more common in Fresno County, CHP says

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