Pediatrician offers tips for safe return to the classroom – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-08-04 08:35:26 –

The new school year is just around the corner.

As the number of cases of coronavirus has begun to surge nationwide, many questions have been raised about what it would look like to return to the classroom.

Dr. Gregory De Muri, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at UW Health and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, makes the following recommendations:

-Intended for K-12 students, teachers and staff, regardless of vaccination status. Studies have shown that universal masking has been a very effective tool for controlling the spread of COVID-19 in schools. With universal masking, the school can operate almost normally. In fact, if children are exposed to COVID-19 in a fully masked environment, they do not need to be quarantined.

-If possible, keep the person-to-person distance at 3 feet. If everyone is masked, you can get closer in the classroom or on the bus.

-Vaccinations for students (12+), teachers and staff. Vaccines are highly effective and have been extensively tested to show their safety.

-Good hand washing and proper breathing etiquette such as covering coughs and sneezes.

-I’m at home when I’m sick.

Dr. Demli was a guest of Morning News in Wisconsin. Listen with the above player.

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