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Tucson, Arizona 2021-05-04 23:05:36 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to increase the number of people who can be vaccinated to 12 and older.The· Decision Scheduled by next week.

President Biden announced today that pharmacies will begin vaccination when announced.

“We are ready to move quickly,” Biden said. “As soon as the FDA finds it okay, we’ll move around 20,000 pharmacy sites nationwide to prepare to vaccinate those adolescents.”

President Biden also said pediatricians would begin vaccination.

“Parents and their children can talk to family doctors about it and get shots from their most trusted providers-easy, fast and free,” Biden said.

Desert Pediatrics of Tucson said he is currently preparing the vaccine.

“Hopefully, other vaccinations could give it right away,” said pediatrician and desert pediatrician Jessica Lane.

According to Lane, most pediatricians do not have the equipment needed to store the Pfizer vaccine at the correct temperature, so they are preparing to store the Moderna vaccine.

Lane said he had encouraged families to vaccinate as more children were eligible for the vaccine.

“These vaccines were developed quickly, but have reassured families that there is a lot of data that they are safe,” Lane said.

Lane says that as children get vaccinated, schools look more normal.

“The more people who are vaccinated, including adolescents, and the more data we have when our children are younger, the faster we can return to normal life,” Lane said. Says. “It’s easy to see that a school can attend a session without a mask. All of this.”

She added that the side effects immediately after you were shot mean that the vaccine is working and there is nothing to worry about.

Lane also said that breastfeeding women can be safely vaccinated.

Diana Wilson, the mother of two boys, is excited about her children being vaccinated. Her eldest son was 17 years old and was already able to take two shots. Her youngest is 14 years old.

“He wants to get back to a little normal,” Wilson said of his son’s desire to get the vaccine after the FDA has expanded the age range of Pfizer vaccines.

Pediatricians get ready to vaccinate teens Source link Pediatricians get ready to vaccinate teens

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