The ancient city of Nasik is a diverse place. It is rich in place sod religious importance, ancient structures and has an abundance of natural beauty. The natural extravagance of this city is more vivid during the monsoon reason. A very artistic picture of the city can be observed during this time. Mountains clad with clouds, the beautiful hill ranges and the serene waterfalls look as beautiful as a painter’s imagination.

Pegalwadi at Trimbakeshwar is one such place rich in natural beauty. It is situated 29 km away from the city of Nasik. The most attractive feature of this place is the large number of waterfalls present in here. This very element draws a huge crowd of adventure seekers, tourists and locals here.

Things to do in Pegalwadi

The natural beauty of Pegalwadi gives the visitor ample opportunities to enjoy and explore the place. Pegalwadi is surrounded by lofty hills. One can say that this place is a bit unknown and unexplored. It is more like a hidden gem. But when in here one can explore the adventures of this place.

Pegalwadi is ‘the’ destination for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. One can try a hand at trekking when in here. The steep and steady hills present in this place make a perfect trekking path. Winters are the best time for trekking at Pegalwadi. One can come here with friends and explore the beauty of this place while enjoying a wonderful trek.

As mentioned earlier Pegalwadi is famous for its beautiful waterfalls. These are like hidden natural treasures. They attract many tourists here. Travelers love to bathe in the clean waters of the falls with their near and dear ones. The very sight of sunlight falling on the water droplets and the radiant golden colour radiated by it is mesmerizing. People love taking pictures by the falls here.

Pegalwadi is a heaven for photography fanatics. The wonderful landscapes present here caters to very demand of a good photographer. Pegalwadi gives a photographer versatile landscapes and opportunities to capture. This place is a wonderful abode for both professional as well as amateur photographers.

The best time to visit Pegalwadi is during the rainy season or during monsoons. During this time of the year the beauty of this place is accentuated.

 People come here with their friends and family with a picnic bag and relax and enjoy a day picnic. Monsoons are generally crowded. If you are fonder visiting and exploring the waterfalls then the period from June to October is your pick. If you are a winter person then the time between Novembers to February is ideal for you to explore Pegalwadi.

A Tourist’s Guide

Pegalwadi is situated on the Trimbakeshwar-Ghoti road. This place is 29 km away from the main city so one can either opt for public transport or private transport to reach this place. State bus is available from Trimbakeshwar to Nasik. When in here one cannot more in the place on vehicles. In order to experience the waterfalls here one has to go on foot. One must do good backpacking before coming here. A trip to Pegalwadi is an adventurous venture.

The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway station which is at a distance of 37 km from here. The nearest airport is Gandhinagar Military Airport at a distance of 31.4 km from Pegalwadi. In order to find accommodation one has to seek hotels in the city of Nasik itself.

The natural grandeur of this place is spell bounding. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is situated in the quiet of nature. The lush greenery of this place feels soothing to the eyes. The Mediterranean blue of the waters of the falls looks heavenly. There is no trace of pollution in Pegalwadi. One can find clouds touching the grounds here. One does not get to witness beauty of this magnitude every day. A visit to this place is a highly enriching experience. The calm and quiet of this place is ideal for peace lovers. When in here one gets a feeling of being in some alien land. So, adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts must visit this place when in Nasik.

Vaagisha Singh

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