Pegasus Spyware is the latest tool used by dictators to maintain power.George Monbiot

NSDemocracy depends on the equality of weapons. When the government gets political weapons that are not available to the enemy, they are hard to get rid of. They now own so many that I begin to wonder if the once established efficient dictatorship will be overthrown again.

NS Pegasus spywareThe widespread use by governments that the Guardians have helped reveal is only the latest kind of asymmetric force. The ability to look into someone’s life from a distance and track every movement, word, or intent of them gives the dictator unprecedented power. It turns us into an informant for ourselves. The target of this spy cannot plan a peaceful and democratic change of government. These plans are probably thwarted because they are not known in advance.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dictatorship has refined new strategies for lasting governance. It is to ensure that it does not work while maintaining the process and appearance of democracy, including elections and parliament.Power is sucked out of the democratic structure and moved to where it can be Almost never challenged: An inner circle protected from opposition by monetary and patronage forces, obedient judiciary, and moaning media. Narendra Modi, Victor Orban, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Jaroslaw Kachinski, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko all know how it works.

As we have seen from Belarus to Hong Kong, protests are often ineffective. Nothing happens when a huge number comes out on the streets and leverages the democratic moral authority that has defeated so many regimes in the past. The dictators sit down, wait for the energy of the protest to disappear, break their heads and imprison their leaders. They know that they no longer have to be afraid of people. They now have the means to ignore the consequences if they win or lose the election by rigging, oppression, or deception. The arc of history is no longer bent towards justice.

New surveillance tools complement the formidable array of modern weapons.Dark ad on Social mediaA think tank that uses dark money to unveil ridiculous ideas in favor of the ruling class common senseVoter oppression; court stuffing; long march into the system, Citizen’s areaCleverly prosecuted cultural wars: These are more sophisticated tools of dictatorial power in nominal democracy.

Many of them are deployed in the United Kingdom. There is no evidence that the government is using Pegasus spyware, but it was developed by the government intelligence agency GCHQ and Edward Snowden Some of them were fooled by undercover police deployed against peaceful protesters Sexual relationship.. Police have promised to reform themselves as the revelations from this scandal build up.But last week, a former police officer who joined Extinction Rebellion was told by the Metropolitan Police Department. Recruit him As a spy. Given that Home Secretary Priti Patel characterizes peaceful environmental protesters as follows:criminalI think it would be surprising if police spies weren’t resumed.

The government is turning politics into a magic mirror. As it learns more about our lives, it ensures that we learn less about our own tactics than ever before. The official secrets law amendment treats journalists and other citizens as if they were spying on “unauthorized disclosure.” “Increase in maximum sentence”, This probably means 14 years. so far, Public interest defense..But unauthorized disclosure Government cheating Essential for democracy. Legal scrutiny is curtailed while illegal scrutiny is being strengthened.

For the past 35 years, our political freedom has been eroded by a series of strict parliamentary laws imposed by both the Conservative and Labor governments. Public Order Act 1986, Trade Unions and Labor Relations Act 1992, Criminal Justice and Public Order and Doctrine 1994 Act, Terrorism Act 2000, Antisocial Behavior Act 2003, Organized Crime Police Act 2005, Transparency of Lobby Activities , 2014 Nonpartisan Campaign and Trade Union Management Act, 2016 Trade Union Act, Intelligence Source Act 2021 to name just a few. But no one has gone through the current police, crime, judgment, or court bills. Passed uncorrected Through the House of Commons. It empowers police to stop protests for very vaguely defined reasons, including causing “serious anxiety” on the sidelines, and can be applied to public expressions of dissent. Serious anxiety is the driving force of democracy. When and how will these lost political freedoms be restored?

The request for proof of identity at the polling place is a blatant attempt to oppress this type of voter. Pioneer According to US Republicans. Possibility to disqualify the generally poorest and most marginalized 2 million people who are unlikely to vote for conservatives to solve a non-existent problem (widespread identity fraud in elections) I have. Throw ballot..

The government has brought to light the idea dissolution The Election Commission has removed the last subtle control over how elections are conducted and how they raise funds. Its judicial review and court bills limit our ability to challenge the decision.As a recent case Environmentally harmful projects When Covid contract Shows, legal challenges are essential to explain it. He sought to use cultural wars to eradicate criticism at universities and other public institutions, and in combination with the billionaire press, demonstrated those facing the benefits of drawing power. Catastrophic impact..

The only remaining weakness of the government is its own incompetence. Donald Trump is no longer in office, not because the US system worked, but because he was an incompetent dictator. He was not motivated by what Modi, Putin, Orban, Erdogan, Kaczynski, and Lukashenko had: strategic and sophisticated power.

Boris Johnson is a brilliantly incompetent administrator, as the 130,000 deaths of Covid-19 testify. It is not yet known if he is a capable dictator. He was certainly more effective at suppressing the opposition than governing the country.Through lucrative pandemic contracts for court favorites and assault on lucrative planning legislation Property tycoon, His government has also begun to build a network of sponsorship and customerism that is essential to all dictatorships. Perhaps Johnson’s general uselessness turns out to be fatal. Alternatively, his ruthless pursuit of power, helped by new political weapons, could make his administrative failure irrelevant.

In both cases, it seems like there is little time to travel. If we cannot secure a change of power in the next election and the successor government is not prepared to return power to the people, I think this is the first chance in a long time.

  • George Monbiot is a Guardian columnist

  • Pegasus Project: Global Abuse of Cyber ​​Surveillance
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Pegasus Spyware is the latest tool used by dictators to maintain power.George Monbiot

Source link Pegasus Spyware is the latest tool used by dictators to maintain power.George Monbiot

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