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Washington (AP) — Updates on Fallout from US Capitol Attacks by Trump Supporters (Always Local):

12:45 pm

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi states that President Donald Trump represents a “clear and present danger” to the country and must be impeached.

In a speech in the House of Representatives, Pelosi said in a presidential election that parliamentarians and the entire country “experienced a riot that violated the holiness of the Capitol and tried to overturn the officially recorded will of the American people.” ..

She states: “We know that the President of the United States has caused this armed rebellion against our common nation. He must go. He is a clear and present danger to a country we all love. “

Mr. Pelosi said he “repeatedly lied” about the outcome of the election that Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden, and Mr. Trump “casts self-serving suspicions about democracy and unconstitutionally told state officials. I tried to influence and repeat this armed rebellion against our country. “

The House of Representatives will vote to impeach Trump Wednesday afternoon and accuse him of rallying a violent crowd of supporters to attack the Capitol last week.


Here’s what you need to know about fallout from a riot in the Houses of Parliament:

The House of Representatives plans an unprecedented vote to impeach President Donald Trump again on Wednesday. This move takes place a week after he encourages a crowd of loyalists to “fight like hell” against the election results and the Capitol is the target of a deadly siege.

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What else is happening:

12:00 pm

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the impeachment efforts being promoted by the Democratic House of Representatives “could cause significant damage to government agencies” and warned GOP colleagues not to support it. There is.

Graham is a frequent ally of President Donald Trump. Last week, Graham accused the violent mob of presidential supporters who invaded the Capitol. After that siege, and after Trump pushed for an unconstitutional argument that Vice President Mike Pence could overturn the election results, Graham counted him and said it was “enough.”

Still, Graham is in contact with the increasingly isolated president.

And Graham’s message to Republicans about impeachment is that “people who justify this process are doing great damage not only to the future of the country and the president, but also to the party.”

He says Trump and the millions of people who supported his agenda “should not be demonized because of the sneaky behavior of incendiary mobs.”

At least five GOP members said they would support the impeachment, and two Republican senators asked Trump to resign. Another Republican senator said he would consider the impeachment article when the impeachment was sent to the Senate.


10:40 am

The debate heats up almost from the beginning as the House of Representatives sets up a vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Democrats and a few Republicans say Trump must be fired shortly after he spawns a violent crowd of supporters who attacked the Capitol a week ago. It reflected the president’s false allegations that a riot broke out while some of Trump’s Republican allies were trying to defeat his election, and that there was widespread fraud after losing to Democrat Joe Biden.

Most Republicans say impeachment is disruptive. They do not mention the president.

Ohio Republican Jim Jordan is one of Trump’s loudest advocates. Jordan has accused Democrats of opposition to previous election results and has repeated unfounded claims that the 2020 elections are fraudulent.

But Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern says the Democrats aren’t pushing for a conspiracy theory that the president won overwhelmingly when he actually lost. This is what happened to Trump.

McGovern looks back at the deadly siege of the Capitol and says, “People died because of the big lie they were told.” And he says it’s enough to deserve impeachment.

The House of Representatives will vote to impeach Trump Wednesday afternoon and accuse him of rallying a violent crowd of supporters to attack the Capitol last week.


10:05 am

Democrats have begun historic impeachment efforts in the House of Representatives, saying that the country is at stake whenever Donald Trump is in the White House.

Republican Rep. Jim McGovern said, “There is a debate on the scene of the crime. Without the US President, we wouldn’t be here.”

The House of Representatives is considering a second impeachment of Trump after a riot in the Capitol last week as lawmakers gathered to prove the outcome of the election. McGovern says it was Trump and his allies that aroused the wrath of the violent mob.

He told the crowd to march to the Capitol, and said, “The signal is unmistakable.”

Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole said January 6 would live in his memory as the darkest day of his service in the House of Representatives. But Cole says the Senate couldn’t even start considering impeachment until Joe Biden swore in the presidential election.

He says there is no conceivable action the House of Representatives can take that would further divide Americans than the action taken on Wednesday. “It’s a shame that the path that supports healing isn’t the path the majority chose today,” he says.


9:50 am

When the House of Representatives began the impeachment hearing, the District of Columbia National Guard stated that it was empowered to arm troops assigned to security missions on the premises of the US Capitol.

Security guards said in a statement that authorities were requested by federal authorities and approved by Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy around 6 pm on Tuesday.

Up to 15,000 security guards will be working in the district over the next few days to assist law enforcement in connection with Joe Biden’s inauguration in the January 20 presidential election. Authorities are concerned about the threat of violence following the riots in the Capitol last week.


9:25 am

The House of Representatives began its proceedings on Wednesday and is ready to impeach President Donald Trump again just a week after his supporters raided the Capitol to protest the defeat of his election.

At least five Republicans have said they will join the Democratic Party in a vote to dismiss Mr. Trump. The impeachment article accuses the president of “inciting riots.”

The House minister began the session with a prayer to “grab the scale of justice from the jaws of the mob Oklasy.”

Voting is expected by the end of the day.


8:15 am

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger predicts that more Republicans will join him to vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

The House of Representatives plans to vote for Trump for a second impeachment Wednesday afternoon, accusing him of rallying a violent crowd of supporters to attack the US Capitol last week. If it wasn’t an impeccable crime, Kinzinger said, “I don’t know what it is.”

Several other Republicans have supported the impeachment, including Liz Cheney, the GOP leader of the Third Party.

“This is one of these transcendental moments,” Illinois lawmakers told CBS This Morning in an interview prior to voting.

In addition to Kinzinger and Cheney, other Republican-backed accusations are John Katko in New York, Fred Upton in Michigan, and Jamie Herrera Butler in Washington.

Kinzinger doesn’t say Republicans could vote for impeachment, but said, “I’ll have more than five people I’ve seen so far.”

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