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Washington (AP) — Nancy Pelosi is narrowly reelected as a speaker on Sunday, challenging presidential election Joe Biden to work on a pandemic, revive the economy, and draft legislation to address other party priorities Gave her control of the majority of the Democratic Party’s narrow House of Representatives as she set up a pandemic course.

The only woman who has led and chaired the party in the House of Representatives since 2003, a Democrat in California, was widely expected to maintain her position. Pelosi received 216 to 209 votes against Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy. The Republican Party will once again be the minority leader of Parliament.

To win her victory, Pelosi must overcome Democratic complaints about her longevity, the slim 222-111 edge against the Republican Party after the November elections, and a few absenteeism due to the coronavirus. did not. The 435-member House of Representatives has two vacancies, and whatever happens, the Democratic Party will have the smallest majority of the House in 20 years.

A new parliament was convened on Sunday. Only two days after Congressman finished the previous session, the COVID-19 guidelines required house member testing and face covering. When the last parliament began two years before the pandemic, it was an unimaginable tableau, wearing masks and with far fewer members and guests than usual.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (DN.Y.) officially nominated Pelosi for the job, calling him “a notorious negotiator and legendary legislator of this era.”

Jeffreys, a House leader who is expected to compete for speakership every time Pelosi resigns, said when Pelosi was preparing to work with Democratic President Joe Biden: .. This is the day of a major renewal of the House of Representatives. “

To be reelected, Pelosi needed a majority of the votes cast on a particular candidate and could afford to lose only a handful of Democratic votes. House rules give her room to move a bit, as absent and “attended” members are not included in the total number of votes cast.

Sunday’s vote was expected to last probably three hours, as lawmakers voted in groups of about 72 each to minimize exposure to the virus.

At a premium each time they vote, workers have created an enclosure on the balcony overlooking the room of the house, allowing lawmakers who have been exposed to the coronavirus or who tested positive for the coronavirus to vote more safely. Congressman Tim Ryan of D-Ohio voted from there.

Two Democrats, Wisconsin Congressman Nancy Moore and Washington Congressman Rick Larsen, who tested positive for the virus last month and said they had recovered, voted for Pelosi from Congress.

As a positive sign of Pelosi, newly elected progressive Congressman Jamal Bowman, DN.Y. Voted for her. “Our country needs to be stable now, and it’s really important for Democrats to come together,” Bowman told reporters.

For two years, Pelosi led his opposition to President Donald Trump with the joint goal of winning praise from many Democrats, defeating the party’s moderates and progressives, and raising a pile of election funds. I united towards. No Democrat has made progress to challenge her, emphasizing the perception that it is almost impossible for her to fall.

However, Pelosi is 80 years old, and ambitious young members continue to rub against the long-standing holds she and other senior top leaders had in their work. The Democrats also predicted that they would get angry and split after the election day, and many would mean adding more seats in the party’s House of Representatives, but instead, without defeating any Republican representatives, 12 incumbents I was defeated.

Pelosi recently reiterated that these would be her last two years as a speaker, referring to a statement she said two years ago that she would resign after this period.

The speaker election was held 17 days before Biden was launched. But it wasn’t a new start for him and Pelosi, but there were problems and undercurrents that were inherited from Trump’s fierce administration.

Congress enacted a $ 900 billion COVID-19 relief package at the end of last month, and Trump has finally signed it, but Biden and many Democrats say they believe they will measure the down payment. They say more help is needed to vaccinate the public, control the virus, and step up efforts to restore jobs and businesses lost in the pandemic.

Many Democrats wanted to raise the $ 600 direct payment per person to $ 2,000 with Trump’s unlikely support, but were blocked by the Republicans. Democrats are seeking additional funding to assist state and local governments struggling to maintain services and avoid furloughs.

Biden’s priorities also include health care and environmental commitments.

Guided such legislation through the House of Representatives would be a challenge for Pelosi, as the small majority of her party means that only a handful of North Korean defectors can be deadly. ..

In addition, many Republicans continue to show loyalty to the split Trump in support of his unfounded claim that his loss of reelection was contaminated by fraud, making cooperation with the Republicans more difficult. There is a possibility of becoming. Congress will meet on Wednesday to officially confirm Biden’s clear Electoral College victory over Trump. Many House and Senate Republicans say they disagree with the validity of some of their votes, but their efforts certainly fail.

There was no widespread fraud in the elections, confirmed by various election officials across the country and former Attorney General William Barr of Trump. Republican governors in Arizona and Georgia, the major fierce battle states essential to Biden’s victory, also guarantee the integrity of elections in the state. Almost all legal oppositions from Trump and his allies have been dismissed by judges, including two thrown by the Supreme Court, including three judges appointed by Trump.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear which party will control the Republican-held Senate unless the Democrats win both Senate votes on Tuesday.

In House, one race in New York is still underway, and there is a vacancy in Louisiana after Republican-elect Luke Retro (41) died after being infected with COVID-19.


AP Parliament correspondent Lisa Mascaro and AP writer Andrew Taylor contributed to this report.

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Pelosi narrowly reelected speaker, faces difficult 2021 | News Source link Pelosi narrowly reelected speaker, faces difficult 2021 | News

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