Pelosi Places Anti-Trump Republican Kinzinger on US Capitol Attack Panel | US Capitol Attack

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announces second anti-Trump Republican Special committee It investigates a fatal assault on the US Capitol on January 6 by supporters of Donald Trump.

Asked by Adam Kinzinger of Illinois to join Trump critic Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Pelosi said “that’s my plan” this week at ABC.

Kinzinger said he “humblely accepted” the appointment.

The Commission will meet this week to hear testimony from police officers who fought the riots on January 6. The hearing takes place in a high political drama.

Jim Jordan and Jim Banks have been named Pelosi on the panel in honor of Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy. was denied As a prominent ally of Donald Trump, who is the subject of the Commission’s work. McCarthy then withdrew Republican support, leaving only Cheney, a Paria within the party.

McCarthy was widely criticized. Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville called him “Protoplasmic pathetic glob“, Trump is threatening.

Pelosi is Kinzinger and others Republican He is interested in serving as a member of the special committee. And I wanted to appoint three people proposed by McCarthy Leader. But he withdrew their name. The two I don’t appoint are those who jeopardize the integrity of the investigation, and there is no way for me to tolerate their disgust when we pursue the truth. “

Asked about Republican accusations that the refusal of Jordan and banks exacerbated political division, Pelosi said: This was a constitutionally mandated day of action for Congress.

“Republicans will say what they say. Our special committee pursues the truth. It is our patriotic duty to do so … Republicans may not be able to handle the truth. No, but we are responsible for finding it, finding it, and finding it in a way that maintains the trust of Americans.

Banks, Indiana, told Fox News on Sunday: So she chose the group she had already chosen, so anyone who asked to join this committee from this point on would stick to her story from her point of view. There is no other side. “

The bank repeatedly claimed that he and Jordan were only interested in finding out why security failed at the Capitol on January 6.

Congress was attacked by Trump supporters who were told by the then president to “fight like hell” to overturn the election defeat.

Banks and Jordan continued to oppose later that day after a riot died and police officers were injured while protesters were looking for parliamentarians to capture and kill. Results of Arizona and Pennsylvania..

Trump’s lie that Joe Biden’s defeat was the result of an electoral fraud was repeatedly accused and thrown out of court. On Fox News Sunday, banks were not asked about their claims, his support for them, or how they fueled the Capitol attack.

“It will bring great patriotism to the Commission’s mission. Find the facts and protect our democracy,” Kinzinger said in a statement.

“For months, lies and conspiracy theories have spread and threatened our autonomy. For months, I’ve seen how thousands of Americans attack our democracy. He said it deserves transparency and truth about why it appeared.

“I work diligently to reach the truth and hold the person responsible for the attack wholly responsible.”

Elsewhere, Republican Senator Voted for impeachment He overcame the parliamentary attack, supported an independent committee to investigate it, and repeated the issues used by banks. The Democratic Party wants the House Committee to “promote a political message.”

“I think people want to go to the bottom [6 January]”Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey told CNN’s federal state.

“Yes, I endorsed the Senate version of the committee, which would have been truly and truly bipartisan, both in terms of membership and staff. I think this is important.”

Senate Republican Blocked it..

But, “This exercise in the House did not mean that … Many investigations are currently underway. The Senate committee has been completed and others are underway. There are many criminal investigations. ..

“I really want to support a bipartisan committee, but we frankly about the fact that trying to keep this issue at the forefront is a political advantage for the Democratic Party. I think it should be. James Carville was very straightforward about this, he urged Democrats, “Don’t let Joe Biden and his policy elections in 2022, do it. please [midterm] With the election around January 6th Donald Trump..

“Therefore, it is very clear that the Democratic Party has an incentive to promote the political message here, and a purely partisan committee in the House of Representatives will probably do so.”

Busy At MSNBC This week, Carville called McCarthy “a pathetic mass of protoplasm …” and panicked on January 6 by calling the president for help. He refused to have a bipartisan committee and now he is doing this. The man does not feel embarrassed. “

Toomey was asked if refusing to support a committee investigating the behavior of Republican presidential supporters could be a terrible reflection on the party.

“No,” he said. “I think it always reminds us of the terrible episodes in our history that were centered around Donald Trump.”

But he said, “The policy of the current president … and the damage he’s trying to do, that’s what we should discuss in 2022, but you know, that’s what Democrats want to talk about. I don’t know if there is. About. “

Pelosi Places Anti-Trump Republican Kinzinger on US Capitol Attack Panel | US Capitol Attack

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