Pelosi sends Trump impeachment article on Monday

Washington — Senator Chuck Schumer announced on Friday that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had submitted an impeachment article against President Trump on Monday informing him that it would trigger the start of Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. ..

At the same time, the Senate seeks to advance President Biden’s cabinet nomination on Friday, confirming the general in a vote by the entire Senate. Lloyd Austin To become Secretary of Defense.Senate Finance Committee unanimously moved forward Janet YellenNomination to Secretary of the Treasury. Senate leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that Yellen and Secretary of State candidate Antony Blinken also hope to be confirmed in the Senate this week.

Four-star generals Yellen and Austin, who retired from military service just four years ago, testified at a confirmation hearing earlier this week. Once confirmed, Austin will be the first black man to lead the Pentagon.

Earlier this week he called himself a “general and soldier,” but said, “I am now ready to serve as a civilian, fully recognizing the importance of this distinction.”

At a Senate confirmation hearing, Yellen called for “big” action against the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis.

“Economists don’t necessarily agree, but I think there is consensus now. Without further action, there is now a longer and more painful risk of a recession, and later the economy will be hurt in the long run. “She told the Senator. So far, one candidate has been identified, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.

Later that day, Mr. Biden turned his attention to the economy with two executive orders. One directs the federal government to increase food aid, streamline the provision of stimulus checks, and the other directs the Human Resources Department to make recommendations for increase. The minimum wage for federal employees is $ 15 per hour.

Mr Biden has proposed to Congress a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bailout plan, but it is unclear whether it will gain enough Republican support to pass on a bipartisan basis, a budget process known as reconciliation. You may need to use it to enact a bill. It is considered by the Biden administration to be a temporary measure to stabilize the economy until Congress can pass another bailout bill.

Biden soars Covid's fight with orders denying Trump policy
President Joe Biden will speak at an event on his administration’s COVID-19 response at the White House State Canteen on January 21, 2021.

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Pelosi sends Trump impeachment article on Monday

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