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Pittsburgh (KDKA) — So what about this idea? Pay tolls for bridges, tunnels, or park roads.

All these ideas are at the table as PennsDOT is looking for a way to raise money for road construction.

During the pandemic, PennsDOT says people aren’t driving much, so that petrol tax money flow has dropped by about $ 400 million.

However, PennsDOT spokesman Alexis Campbell states that the needs being investigated in the new study have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

“Even before COVID, revenue wasn’t enough, so regardless of the pandemic, from the imminent situation we’re facing now, we’re more than any other to help fund the network. We have to find a sustainable solution. “

She states that tunnel tolls are “unlikely” and “these bridge tolls are not always a natural conclusion”, but if major bridges or tunnels need to be rebuilt, they will be tolled. The toll asterisk is displayed. “It could only be implemented in something that was replaced or new in some way.”

“The location will probably be announced in early 2021, after which, like any other type of project, each location will reach out to its own environmental clearance community,” Campbell says.

For example, the West End Bridge is Pittsburgh’s next major span, considering reconstruction and potential toll collection. “Therefore, the bridge is inherently self-sufficient and frees up other money locally to handle other projects on the network,” explains Campbell.

So how much does a potential bridge toll cost? “That wouldn’t be substantive. We’re looking at $ 1 and $ 2,” she says.

We are also investigating segment tolls. That’s how the Turnpike works, but Campbell once again points out that “we can only sacrifice new capacity.” Therefore, to charge one of our park roads, we need to add lanes.

The survey also includes user fees paid based on the number of miles driven. But Campbell points out that “technology doesn’t exist yet.”

Whatever PennDOT decides to do to make more money, the US Department of Transportation has a say.

“Yes, they need to approve the implementation of the user fees we put in.”

So there are many possibilities, but one thing is certain. PennDOT says we need to find more money somewhere.

Campbell says they are fully hoping to listen to the investigation, but would like to hear from you between now and December 17th. The link to the survey can be found here.

Let them know your thoughts.

PennDOT Weighing Options Of Tolling Bridges, Tunnels, And Parkways – CBS Pittsburgh Source link PennDOT Weighing Options Of Tolling Bridges, Tunnels, And Parkways – CBS Pittsburgh

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