Pennsylvania house fire kills 10 – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-08-05 17:42:07 –

Neskopec, Pennsylvania (AP) — The fire was quickly torn apart through the house Seven adults and three children died in the early hours of Friday, according to officials, and volunteer firefighters who arrived to fight the blaze were horrified only to discover that the victims were members of his family. rice field.

Officials said a criminal investigation into the fire is ongoing. The Pennsylvania State Police said in a news release that the children who died in the fire were ages 5, 6 and 7.

Firefighter Harold Baker at Nescopeck Volunteer Fire Co. Told the Citizen’s Voice newspaper about Wilkes Barre. The ten victims included a son, daughter, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, three grandchildren and two other relatives.

he told WNEP-TV Thirteen dogs were also in the house, but he didn’t say if he knew if any dogs survived.

The fire at Neskopec was reported around 2:30 am. One of him was found dead in a single-family home shortly after the emergency services arrived.

Some people were able to escape safely from the burning house, officials said.

Baker said the first phone call gave him the address of a neighbor’s house, but as the fire engine approached he realized it was his family’s residence.

“When I turned the corner here in Dewey (Street), I just looked down the street and knew immediately which house it was,” Baker told Citizen Voice. “I was on the first engine and when I stopped, the whole place was completely involved. We tried to break into them.”

Neighbors reported hearing loud pops and explosions before seeing the home’s front porch rapidly blaze in flames. There are also reports of a young man being heard in front of his house yelling, “Everyone is dead!”

Baker, who was released from fire duty because of his relationship with the victim, said 14 people were living in the house.

“The kids who were there and my two kids were visiting my aunt and uncle,” Baker told WNEP. “They were the people who owned the house. They were there, going in and out of the pool.”

Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Derek Felsman said a “complex criminal investigation” was underway. Troopers were interviewing survivors, he said.

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