Pennsylvania Supreme Court Listens to Bill Cosby Appeals

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court questioned on Tuesday whether the history of Bill Cosby’s alleged intoxication and sexual assault on young women corresponds to a characteristic criminal pattern. Cosby, 83, I want to capsize His 2018 sexual assault conviction forced a judge to call a prosecutor to five other whistleblowers who said Cosby had abused him in the same way as his victim Andrea Constant. This is because of the fact. The defense said their testimony should not have been allowed, as it prejudiced the jury against the actors.

In an oral argument at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Judge Thomas G. Sailor said, “The actions you describe-procedures, young women-common to 50% of these assaults, thousands of assaults. There is a document that states. ” “So how does that become a common scheme?”

The prosecutor responded by saying that Cosby used his fame and fortune to guide and use the woman, providing more accurate details about the relationship. And he sometimes made friends with their mother and family.

“By maintaining our position in the entertainment industry and our position as a public moralist, we have incorporated a level of trust,” said Adrian Jappe, assistant district attorney for Montgomery County, a suburb of Philadelphia. Cosby Real Estate in 2004.

“The signature was to quarantine and intoxicate young women for the purpose of sexual assault,” Jappe said.

Cosby has served him for over two years 3 to 10 years imprisonment For the constant drug therapy and molester he encountered through his basketball program at his alma mater, Temple University.

The court has long worked on a decision as to when other whistleblowers should be allowed to testify in criminal cases. Normally not allowed, state law allows some exceptions, such as displaying signature crime patterns or proof of someone’s identity. The state high court appears to be working diligently on this issue, in doing so undertaking the criminal case of the first celebrity in the #MeToo era. Courts usually take months to give an opinion.

Sentence announced at Bill Cosby's trial
US entertainer Bill Cosby arrives at a scent hearing in Norristown, Pennsylvania on September 25, 2018. Cosby appears in front of Judge Stephen O’Neill after a jury finds an 81-year-old entertainer convicted of three counts of vulgar assault worsened in an April 2018 retrial. (Photo by Getty Images by Bastiaan Slabbers / Nur Photo)


Judge Steven T. O’Neill allowed only one other whistleblower to testify in Cosby’s first trial in 2017, when the jury failed to reach the verdict. The #MeToo movement took hold a few months later with media reports of men accused of film mogul Harvey Weinstein and other sexual misconduct.

O’Neill then had five other whistleblowers testify in a 2018 Cosby retrial in which the jury was convicted of constantly administering drugs and committing sexual assault.

Cos beads Appeal AttorneyJennifer Bonjan said the prosecutor used “all of this vague testimony” for his previous actions and his perception of giving women alcohol or quad before sexual encounters. ..

“They put him in a position where he didn’t shoot Cosby. There was no presumption of innocence for him,” Bonjan said in a discussion online on Tuesday for the COVID-19 pandemic. “.

Constant appeared to the police in 2005, about a year after spending the night at home. Other women knew Cosby through the entertainment industry in the 1980s, and they didn’t go to the police.

The defense also disagreed with the judge’s decision to let the jury hear the harmful testimony that Cosby gave in a proceeding filed by Constant in 2005 after the then prosecutor Bruce Caster refused to arrest Cosby. Was chanted.

The testimony was sealed for almost a decade and the number of Cosby whistleblowers increased until the Associated Press requested a federal judge to release the document from the case. The judge agreed, and Caster’s successor resumed the proceedings in 2015, just months before the statute of limitations for arresting him expired.

Formerly beloved comedian and actor Cosby, known as the “American Dad,” said he would serve the entire ten-year term, rather than admitting cheating to the Parole Commission.

Criminal law professor Laurie Levenson said it was important for the court to scrutinize Cosby’s conviction, given the propaganda that attracted the case, the legal issues it raised, and the potential impact of the #MeToo movement. I think there is.

However, she was uncertain if there was data showing that sexual assault cases were as prevalent as they are today in the 1980s and 2004.

“I’ve heard a lot about sexual assault of the type of doping lately, but I don’t know how common it was at the time of the crime,” said Levenson of Loyola Law School. “I think the court is doing the right thing, asking,’Have he been convicted of legitimate evidence?'”

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Listens to Bill Cosby Appeals

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