Pentagon admits that drone strike killed 10 Afghan civilians

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The U.S. military said a drone strike launched in Afghanistan on August 29 killed 10 civilians, including up to seven children, and struck a “imminent Isis-K threat” to Kabul Airport. He said he overturned the original claim.

“This strike was a tragic mistake,” US Central Command commander General Kenneth McKenzie told reporters on Friday the results of an internal strike investigation. “I thought this was a good lead. We were wrong,” he said.

A US drone strike in the capital of Afghanistan occurred the night before the last US military left the country, ending its 20-year military presence in the country.

U.S. officials are very wary of new attacks in the area after Isis-K terrorists killed dozens of civilians and 13 U.S. military members in a suicide bombing at an airport gate three days ago. was doing.

On August 29, U.S. forces believed that they had identified a potential threat from a man driving around Kabul, which could be an explosive, but he was carrying a large jug. It turns out to be Zemari Ahmadi, an engineer at Nutrition and Education International.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin apologized for what he described as a “horrible mistake.”

“There is no relationship between Mr. Ahmadhi and Isis Kolasan, his activities of the day are completely harmless, and have nothing to do with the imminent threat we believed we were facing, Mr. Ahmadhi too. It turned out to be an innocent victim as well, just as others were tragically killed, “Austin said.

Immediately after the drone strike on August 29, the U.S. military claimed that there was a “serious secondary explosion from the vehicle,” suggesting that an explosive was present.

At that time, he said, “We are assessing the possibility of civilian casualties,” but “there are no signs.” But later that day, he said, “additional” casualties could have occurred and “I was deeply saddened by the potential loss of innocent life.”

Pentagon admits that drone strike killed 10 Afghan civilians

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