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Arlington, Texas 2021-02-23 16:30:18 –

The Pentagon City subway station has a second elevator.

On Saturday, the Arlington County Commission voted for Sign a contract To WM Shlosser Company to build a second station elevator on the west side of S. Hayes Street near the fashion center of Pentagon City Mall.

Elevator design first approved Early last year The contract to manage the construction Approved this summer..

The second elevator is S. Pedestrians cross S. Hayes Street’s 6 lanes, 2 parking lanes, and a bicycle lane. Eliminates the need to reach one elevator currently in operation near the Pentagon on the other side of Hayes Street. Center shopping center.

“For those with mobility problems, this is a big step forward in enabling us to serve everyone well,” County Commission Chairman Matt de Ferranti said at a meeting. Said.

Construction will begin in the spring and is expected to be completed within a year by the spring of 2022.

Maryland-based WM Schlosser Company has previously won a deal Rehab Arlington House 2018 and Completed cityscape project For the counties of Crystal City and Potomac Yards.

The total cost of an elevator contract is about $ 6.5 million, which is actually about twice as high as originally estimated. According to Eric Variet, a spokesman for the Arlington Environmental Services Department, the risks associated with changing market conditions and such complex projects are “likely a reason” for higher costs.

The project is funded by a combination of federal ($ 2.4 million), state ($ 2.1 million), and local funding ($ 2 million).

Staff reports that Pentagon City Underground Station is one of the highest riderships in northern Virginia.Station average Approximately 12,500 admission riders In 2019, the pandemic reduced that number by more than two-thirds in 2020.

The elevator is S. It will be added to the two escalators already connected to the street-level station on the west side of Hayes Street.

“Providing access to the station from the west side of South Hayes Street not only improves access to ADA, but also improves access for strollers and passengers with luggage,” the report said.

In addition, it provides redundancy when: Or when — For some reason one of the elevators has become unusable.

The county approved this item as part of the agreement agenda. In other words, it was not controversial and was put into action. With one vote.. The county committee also, as part of the consent agenda Increase in contracts For the final inspection of the elevator structure.

Pentagon City Metro Get 4 new escalators As part of a $ 179 million, seven-year, system-wide project to replace and install a new rugged escalator. The project will start in May.

Photo courtesy of Arlington County

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